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Come and talk about vidding! I finally posted my Workshop over [ profile] spnroundtable and I can't wait to talk about it :D
In the meantime...

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This is for my my babe [ profile] damntastic because she’s awesome and she kicked my ass to make this vid ♥

I too exhausted right now even to write about this vid. it's general, and there's this song. ♥

Who will have mercy on your soul?.. )
Bisou ♥
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So, I was up all night, making some art for Big Bang (I actually even succeeded at something \o/), and I caught Smokey on msn and showed her this video.

Because it’s for her, and this video has pretty long story, starting back in march I suppose :?
Thanks to this month’s challenge over the SVS, which theme is Coldplay’s songs, I had this so much needed kick in my ass. I didn’t want to start this video, because I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it as I saw it in my head, and this song is almost 5 minutes long and…

Well, this happens pretty much with all my video projects and ideas :? I’m really sorry guys, if I promised you something that you still haven’t seen…

For now – so much loved "Fix you" by Coldplay.

Lights will guide you home… )

Happy 4th of July!
Bisou ♥
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Don’t even ask me why I made this. When I heard this song, this scene just popped up in my head, and it’s been a few days of thinking about it before I sat and made this vid.
I fucking cried the whole three hours of making it, and still can’t believe that it’s possible to actually act like this, so after two years of "watching" this scene it still makes you cry like a baby.

Very spontaneous, sort a "blast from the past" video. I guess we all have our own ways of living through the hiatus, right? This is mine. I decided to post it now, just to distract myself from painting, because my hand’s already hurt :P

You know, when we were little... )
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I haven’t posted any videos in awhile, and I have a lots of projects to finish (and I will!), but for now something absolutely new.
I found this song yesterday, I believe? Or it was the day before, when I finally decided to watch a few Dollhouse episodes. The song is really amazing, though I still think that my video is pretty surreal, I guess?
I think I need to go back to my projects and don’t think about something new, because it’s like I still try to recover my muse after the study :|

And so they say baby... )
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I need to make 2 videos on this weekend, and what do I do? I do the third one.
Oh jeez, hit me to wake me...

If you wanna be given everything, give everything up… )

Vid: Away

May. 19th, 2009 09:31 pm
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So, I told ya, I was gonna make it :P And I made it. And I still can't believe I've vidded Kelly Clarkson...

I'm not going nowhere... )
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How are you all doing after season finale? Are you dead? Alive? Something in between?
I feel fine. Good, I guess. And what does it mean? Vidding!

I think I need to warn you, please read A\N before watching :)

Will you please ease my pain?.. )
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Just back from Moscow, and don;t even ask why I decided to post this vid now xD
Ok, new vid? :)

I'm damaged, as I'm sure you know... )
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I wasn't sure, should I post this video or not in generally, and now I really don't know why I do it. It feels like it's the same that waits for us in 4x21 episode, but with Dean on the main role *thinks* Ok, I didn't say this, and it's not considered as spoilers or something.
This video is really different from what I've done before, so I think I should reccomend you think twice before you go and watch it, because I think even my The Victim video was kinda easier :|
Anyway, hope you like it :)

Waiting for the right time… )
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So, I figured I need to make this post just to finish this story. For good.
Long, long time ago, I guess it was more than a year now, I made a video, and that's how it all started.
Me and my babe [ profile] sacrament666 made this story come true, and I really wanna say thank you to her, because she was there all the way through, and though she's not a vidder, she gave some very good advices and also she did an amazing job as my beta.

First, it was planned like a 5 or even 6 videos verse, the story supposed to be quite epic and, you know, crazy in some way, but I figured, that I just can't do it, because i's been more than a 6 months since I made the last video, and I really think that that's how it should end.

It's a bit of AU story, though the main events are pretty canon - the deal, Dean coming back from hell and death of YED. Though at that time I didn't know how exactly Dean would be braught back from hell :|

Anyway, most of the links for watching\downloading the vids were dead for quite a long time, and I think most of you haven't even seen any of these vids, so I hope that for some of you it'll be something new :)

Break Your Chains 'verse. Vids, explanations, links... )

Vid: 705

Apr. 15th, 2009 08:15 pm
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Beware! Under the cut a LOT of blah-blah about this video :D

Under the cut the longest explanation. EVER... )
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Ok, another new-old video I made awhile back. There's something new I haven't used before, like reverses (a LOT), some coloring and effects. Also, the absence of ANY story :D

Got a date with the devil.. )
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So, remember I said that I`m gonna post all my finished vids soon? Well, I`m doing this.
Actually, I have a bunch of videos that I still didn`t post, don`t know why really. So I found this video, which I made back in december (!) and i kinda forgot about it lol
Anyway, this is the last video from 2008, though it`s not the last I made in 2008. Anyway, it`s old, it`s simple, it`s something different from few my latest videos, like The Victim and The One. So, don`t be surprised. I think I really make absolutely different videos and can`t find something I like the most.

The YT link is currently without a sound, I sent the form, I hope they will turn on the sound soon.

You see everything… )
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Ok, first of all, now you can buy me at Sweet Chairity :D I`ve always wanted to take part in this thing, but never actuallt had enough bravery. Well, maybe I don`t have it now either, but it`s the last one, so...

I know you guys are kinda tired of me and of my "vidding machine" time schedule, so that`s why I wanna post all of my un-posted videos in the next...erm...some time, and maybe slow down a little. I know I just need to do it.

So here`s a short vidlet. I guess 416 has really affected on me, and I just couldn`t help myself. I made this vidlet in one day, right adter watching the episode. Yeah, I was shocked and sorry for Dean, but Sam`s "story" made me look like → whaaaaat?!....oO *iz ded*
So yeah, this is how I`m making throught my emotional breakdowns. No icecream or tears - vidding! xD

Pray till you go blind. Christ is coming, so am I. )
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Please, read the summary, warnings and A\N before watching. Thank you.

Don`t be sorry for me. Be cruel… )
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Ok, as in Russia it`s already 28th of february, i decided to make this post :D
besides, i`m not sure if i`ll be able to make this tomorrow...

Kayla, this is for you, Happy Birthday! *a lot of hugs and kisses*

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