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New year, new SPN \ J2 BigBang round! \o/
I had this idea since summer, and finally I can post this trailer thing-y. I'm really glad I had such a chance to make it :)

Crosspost is highly appreciated :)
All the information, credits and DL links can be found here over [ profile] graphicinmotion

Are you in?..
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This is for my my babe [ profile] damntastic because she’s awesome and she kicked my ass to make this vid ♥

I too exhausted right now even to write about this vid. it's general, and there's this song. ♥

Who will have mercy on your soul?.. )
Bisou ♥
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So, once more with feeling? :D
More of the epic awesomeness of these two dorks. Woot woot! \o/

That was the first time we actually met, and then we... )

Bisou ♥
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I made this a few weeks back, when I had this vidders’ block or something. I post this now, because I think I finally made it through it, and I just wanted to show you this one.

When I couldn’t think of any, you know, meaningful plots or vids or something, I made this. Apparently, I’m not able to make anything meaningless at all, because Lain and a few of my other friends found a lot of meaning in this video. *headdesk*
So, this is for [ profile] eva_lain, because she eats my brain ♥

Maybe this is God’s will?.. )
Bisou ♥
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This is a kinda old video. I started making it back in April (I believe?..) and I’ve waited till the season finale, and then I didn’t have guts to finish it…Anyway, long story short – I made my first Castiel related video, and I’m pretty satisfied with it. I’m back from my little vocation and as I promised you, I’m posting this vid now.

I’d like to say thank you to [ profile] uglybusiness for beta help and for asking me questions. ♥

I can fly, but I want his wings... )
Bisou ♥
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Today is the day, people!

This year I was lucky enough to have [ profile] germanjj as my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang writer. She's really awesome and talented, and I just fell in love with her story, which you all must go and read here.

First I thought I'd make one video, because I knew from the very beginning how exactly I want to do it, but, I ended up making the whole bunch of art.

I tried a lot of new things for me, making art for this story, and I really wanna thank [ profile] germanjj for giving me this opportunity ♥ It was so nice to work with you, talk, discuss your story and all ;)

When the room behind the door looks empty, it doesn't always mean it is... )

Bisou ♥
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Before you go and watch this, I highly recommend you reconsider it. Because, seriously? I made this video mostly while I was working on a wedding video. And this wedding thing made me vidding Savage Garden. Savage freaking Garden people. Can you imagine it? :D
So I needed something absolutely different to happily ever after to distract myself. I worked on this video longer than I usually do. And this is what came out of it.

DearigDaio sent me this song and asked me to vid it, because she wanted a nice video for a nice song. She obviously lied to me when she said I could make it better than her lol But I’m glad she did, because I really liked this song. So, this is for her ♥

I'll be keeping you safe til you come out and play… )
Bisou ♥
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I don’t even know why I made this oO I just love this song. Aaaand I really wanted to play around with my new Vegas :P
I made a mix from Russian and English version of the song – because honestly? Russian lyrics are much more interesting than English one. And yeah, you probably won’t understand a word from Russian parts of the song, but anyway. I made a brief translation of those parts.
Enjoy :)

Bullet to the heart, brain locked on the door… )
Bisou ♥


Jul. 10th, 2009 10:57 pm
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Song: Life in Technicolor by Coldplay
Video: Made by [ profile] dazzlebug

This video is a promo for Supernatural Video Station, the original Supernatural music video site! It has awards, monthly contests, episode discussions and much, much more! All vidders and Supernatural fans welcome!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over there!

If you would like to comment on this video, go here: YouTube or here: SVS thread

Spread the world people! Cross-posting is highly appreciated ♥
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So, I was up all night, making some art for Big Bang (I actually even succeeded at something \o/), and I caught Smokey on msn and showed her this video.

Because it’s for her, and this video has pretty long story, starting back in march I suppose :?
Thanks to this month’s challenge over the SVS, which theme is Coldplay’s songs, I had this so much needed kick in my ass. I didn’t want to start this video, because I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it as I saw it in my head, and this song is almost 5 minutes long and…

Well, this happens pretty much with all my video projects and ideas :? I’m really sorry guys, if I promised you something that you still haven’t seen…

For now – so much loved "Fix you" by Coldplay.

Lights will guide you home… )

Happy 4th of July!
Bisou ♥
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Don’t even ask me why I made this. When I heard this song, this scene just popped up in my head, and it’s been a few days of thinking about it before I sat and made this vid.
I fucking cried the whole three hours of making it, and still can’t believe that it’s possible to actually act like this, so after two years of "watching" this scene it still makes you cry like a baby.

Very spontaneous, sort a "blast from the past" video. I guess we all have our own ways of living through the hiatus, right? This is mine. I decided to post it now, just to distract myself from painting, because my hand’s already hurt :P

You know, when we were little... )
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Hey all.
So, now I try to finish up all my started projects, which I have helluva...Ok, too many.
Anyway, I finish first what can be finished sooner, so those who waits for something from me (you know who you are, right? ♥ ) just wait a little bit longer, just a little, I try to clear the chaos of ideas in my head and I just need to get free of something.

Made for [ profile] wheelygirl for Sweet Charity’09.
I think this is what this show is about, right? Two brothers (include all the family drama), driving down the road, killing monsters and listening to the classic rock?
I spent last few month with this song, and there were times when I thought I couldn’t make it, because the song is really basic, as I already told, it has steady bit, amazing lyrics, but somehow, I wasn’t able to finish this vid earlier. But Jayne kicked me in my ass, so here we are – I vidded the whole song, and I’m pretty much satisfied with the result, in the end the decision was pretty easy.

And yes, YouTube dumped me once again, so BVV for today ;)

I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain… )
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I haven’t posted any videos in awhile, and I have a lots of projects to finish (and I will!), but for now something absolutely new.
I found this song yesterday, I believe? Or it was the day before, when I finally decided to watch a few Dollhouse episodes. The song is really amazing, though I still think that my video is pretty surreal, I guess?
I think I need to go back to my projects and don’t think about something new, because it’s like I still try to recover my muse after the study :|

And so they say baby... )
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Just a month ago I was complaining that I miss nice old evil vids with evil boys and stuff.
And what now? I guess my exams are really affect on me lol Cause now all that I do is vidding evil boyz :P

Obviously YouTube hates me big time, as well as it hates SOAD, so today guys no YuTube links. BVV instead? ;)

Before you know, Awake… )
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I need to make 2 videos on this weekend, and what do I do? I do the third one.
Oh jeez, hit me to wake me...

If you wanna be given everything, give everything up… )
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Just got back home and, really, I’m useless right now for anything else, so I just post this little naughty thing and go away :P

And when you use your lips... )

Vid: Away

May. 19th, 2009 09:31 pm
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So, I told ya, I was gonna make it :P And I made it. And I still can't believe I've vidded Kelly Clarkson...

I'm not going nowhere... )


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