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Well, I guess I need it even more after the new SPN episode, and maybe some of you need it too. Besides, some old stuff is always good, roght? Riiiight?

So, we all remember how easy and nice and "oh that look" it was in the season 1? Season 2? Maybe somewhere in season 3, too? Anyway, speaking about season one - now it seems like an absolutely different show, with pretty different emotions and feelings, and I kinda miss it now.
That's why I make this kinda video-pic-spam? Or I don't know how to call it (a vid, maybe? lol)
It's pretty much doesn't have any plot or story, it's just our boys during the first seasons, and I really have been having fun making it, I look through most part of season 1, and soon I'll start cutting off clips from season two...

Anyway, enough blah-blah, do you have your favorite boys' moments? I don't mean slash, but you can think so in some way. Looks, scenes, hugs and touches, laughs and smiles - whatever you liked during all seasons (preferably 1,2 and, ok, 3 season).

*not dial-up friendly cuts
Like this )
this one ) maybe? :)

Caps, exact timing or something like this would be greatly appreciated ;)

Let's pretend this is some kind of a game, and all your answers will be highly appreciated, and, maybe tell your friends to tell their friends? *puppy eyes*

Thank you guys in advance!
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Yay! Time for BOTB round at Lady_m4ryjane Music Video Awards site!

I'm nominated at Best SFX (OMG! 4 videos! oO), Best Idea, Best Video (woah, 2 videos!), and Best Video RU.

The voting will continue till May 10th, so if you want, you can vote for me *puppy eyes of doom*


Apr. 10th, 2009 06:21 pm
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So, yeah, I wanna share with you a little squee :D
I'm making a new J2 vid, it's actually pretty AU-ish, and I'm really excited about that, because this is something really really new for me. Technically, logically, erm...storically? I don't know.

Anyway, I found out that my season 2 gag reel DVD rip is kinda bad, because the quality, let's tell the turth, sucks =( So, maybe somebody has the good s2 gag reel? I need a clear video, preferably without any black bars (on top and bottom), and of course in a good quality.
I would really appreciate your help guys.
Thanks in advance :)


Mar. 11th, 2009 10:05 am
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Well, erm...Anyone? =)

I`m nominated at Best Alternative category (wow, two vids oO), Best Angst (lol, again, two vids), Most Original, best POV (again, two vids), Best Storyteller (lol again two vids), and also one of my vids is listed in the Wild Card category.
It would be great if you can go there and vote for me :) Thank y`all!
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I know that many of you had some problems with my old layout, like, when you tried to comment or something, because of the colors. I personally kinda got tired of those cold colors, so I chosed this one, greeny one. I kinda like it, though I really wanna change something, so I have a few questions.
Help, anyone?..

Long, long questions. Boring. Blah-Blah... )
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So, here`s the deal.

I really don`t know anything about CSS code, and i think i don`t have enough patience to learn it. Yeah, i can sit before my computer, making video, wasting hours and hours on my new silly video, but i just can`t use this time for something more important.
Does anyone of my flist knows CSS code? *puppy eyes* [ profile] ladymanson, hun, i just can`t ask you make for me something else...I think you`d wanna kill me or something...xD

So, i spent few hours making this "what i call LJ layout" thing in Photoshop, and i`m pretty sure it`s possible to make it with CSS code, but i just really can`t even imagine what it would look like.

Here`s the pic:
Free Image Hosting at

So. Can anyone do it, or does anyone knows someone who can?
I have a PDF file, so that amazing person can watch what fonts, colors, etc. i used.
I don`t know what i can do for that amazing person, who can make a CSS code of this for me, maybe a video? Cause...i just really don`t know what else i can offer *thinks*

Just leave a comment here, and i`ll answer you guys.

Thanks everyone for everything.
I`m done.
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I was asked about few thing in Sony Vegas, like, how did i do this, so i made a few tutorials for you guys.

Ok, in this post i`ll collect all "my sorta tutorials", cause, to tell the truth i really bad at explanations lol

Ok, the first one is about "glow effect", like i used in my Shelter video and Afraid of Waiking (SPN) video. You can find the tutorial here

Also i was asked about the zooming in Vegas, here it is:
Zooming in Sony Vegas )
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Ok, here`s the thing. Who can help me with the CSS code? Cause it`s a hard thing for me now, and i don`t know where is what in this code. I took layout from the community, but i wanted to change colours, borders, etc. But it was a bit harder then i thoguht :(

Comment me, if you can share with me your free time. Please?..


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