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I've been super busy these days, because University takes all my time. I work kinda slowly on a few projects that I was talking about, but yesterday I posted the first story art for one of those 4 stories I'm working with this autumn. So, go here to check out the art for [ profile] sanann's story "Hold Me While I'm Killing You. Hope you like it ♥

Speaking about not fandom things, let's play a game. It's kinda simple, but I hope it'll be fun.

Tell me one word - anything from abstract things like "wind" to specific things like "table" - and I'll make a photo, which, in my opinion, represents this word best.

You can play this game, too, if you want, I'd totally request a few words ;)
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I so need to do my homework, and I know that I will regret it, but just couldn’t help myself. I painted again :P

And this time it’s actually painting, cause I believe there’s no single place on that piece where I didn’t brush anything.

First I wanted to play with J2, but I ended up with angsty “Dean’s deal” stuff, which I still think could be better, but I guess I just don’t know yet how to make it. Anyway, hope you liked it.

Author: Loki
Medium: Paintover, PS manip, table pen
Rating: G
Pairing: none

Bigger version and explanations under the cut… )
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I was meaning to make a post,5 hours already? But then I wanted to read my f-list and what we have? Guh...

Anyway, just wanted to ask what the thing is with this Dreamwidth thing? :| I read about it a lot recently, but to say the truth - didn't get anything lol

Yesterday was cool, and the day was like bad-better-good-woohoo so cool! And when I came home I droped dead on the bed xD

Still want to make a Partly Friends Only banner, sort out my bookmarks (which, to tell the truth, is still impossible), read\watch stuff and actually do something by myself. But hello? There's not enough time in the Universe...

Oh, and also yesterday I read very sweet story from BibBang 2008. Guh, I still haven't read all what I wanted from '07 >.<
Anyway, here's the Finding My Way Home Started With Finding You story by [ profile] ladyrhyanne
I really liked the banner, so I guess that's why I started read summary at the first place. It's nice and sweet J2 story, though I really don't believe in stories where they are married and even have kids :\


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