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Before you go and watch this, I highly recommend you reconsider it. Because, seriously? I made this video mostly while I was working on a wedding video. And this wedding thing made me vidding Savage Garden. Savage freaking Garden people. Can you imagine it? :D
So I needed something absolutely different to happily ever after to distract myself. I worked on this video longer than I usually do. And this is what came out of it.

DearigDaio sent me this song and asked me to vid it, because she wanted a nice video for a nice song. She obviously lied to me when she said I could make it better than her lol But I’m glad she did, because I really liked this song. So, this is for her ♥

I'll be keeping you safe til you come out and play… )
Bisou ♥
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I don’t even know why I made this oO I just love this song. Aaaand I really wanted to play around with my new Vegas :P
I made a mix from Russian and English version of the song – because honestly? Russian lyrics are much more interesting than English one. And yeah, you probably won’t understand a word from Russian parts of the song, but anyway. I made a brief translation of those parts.
Enjoy :)

Bullet to the heart, brain locked on the door… )
Bisou ♥
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Just a month ago I was complaining that I miss nice old evil vids with evil boys and stuff.
And what now? I guess my exams are really affect on me lol Cause now all that I do is vidding evil boyz :P

Obviously YouTube hates me big time, as well as it hates SOAD, so today guys no YuTube links. BVV instead? ;)

Before you know, Awake… )
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How are you all doing after season finale? Are you dead? Alive? Something in between?
I feel fine. Good, I guess. And what does it mean? Vidding!

I think I need to warn you, please read A\N before watching :)

Will you please ease my pain?.. )
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I wasn't sure, should I post this video or not in generally, and now I really don't know why I do it. It feels like it's the same that waits for us in 4x21 episode, but with Dean on the main role *thinks* Ok, I didn't say this, and it's not considered as spoilers or something.
This video is really different from what I've done before, so I think I should reccomend you think twice before you go and watch it, because I think even my The Victim video was kinda easier :|
Anyway, hope you like it :)

Waiting for the right time… )
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Ok, first of all, now you can buy me at Sweet Chairity :D I`ve always wanted to take part in this thing, but never actuallt had enough bravery. Well, maybe I don`t have it now either, but it`s the last one, so...

I know you guys are kinda tired of me and of my "vidding machine" time schedule, so that`s why I wanna post all of my un-posted videos in the next...erm...some time, and maybe slow down a little. I know I just need to do it.

So here`s a short vidlet. I guess 416 has really affected on me, and I just couldn`t help myself. I made this vidlet in one day, right adter watching the episode. Yeah, I was shocked and sorry for Dean, but Sam`s "story" made me look like → whaaaaat?!....oO *iz ded*
So yeah, this is how I`m making throught my emotional breakdowns. No icecream or tears - vidding! xD

Pray till you go blind. Christ is coming, so am I. )
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Please, read the summary, warnings and A\N before watching. Thank you.

Don`t be sorry for me. Be cruel… )
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It`s time to post something new.
This week almost killed me, it was very exhausting, and pretty hard. We have a lot of new subjects at the University, many of them are strange, and i still trying to figure out what we need them for. I can get the psychology, and history of arts, actually i like them, but anatomy? Concepts of modern natural sience? On the first lecture we wrote "concepts of modern natural sience" like 50 times...oO
Do ya fell ma pan ppl?.. :D

So, today i post a new video. Read the summary and notes. I really don`t know if it can be considered as spoilers...Just in case.
Oh, and YT, i guess, really hates me, they turned off the sound on this video, so there`s imeem link. Btw, on imeem you can find those of my videos that has been deleted from YouTube.

Upd.: Yay! Friend of mine advised me something, and they turned on the sound on YouTube! This is actually funny xD
Anyway, now there`s a YT link aswell ;)

Angels lie to keep control... )
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So, again, new-old video. I made it in august but few weeks ago i re-edited it, because i just couldn`t watch this video with those aweful CW watermarks >.<
Anyway, i hope you`ll like it. This is an absolutely AU-ish story, where Sam is absolutely different guy. Well, he`s not even a human anymore or something...
Huge thanks to Sonrisa, who told me this story, and for her help and support <3

He made it, because he wanted to save him... )

New vid

Sep. 1st, 2008 05:39 pm
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Well, things are good, now i`m a student at the BSU, i`m gonna learn french and this is really cool. Tomorrow i have latin lesson and french lesson. Mhawhaw, what you think, should i try the exorcism in class? I think i know it by heart now lol

Anyway, i wanna show you my new-old video.

People die, but real love is forever )
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Ok, hey everyone. It`s been awhile, and i was kinda busy with school...Finally, no school anymore! Guh, amen.
So, i know that i wanted to make as many videos as possible cause usually i have a lot of free time during summer holidays...But the thing is - i don`t have so much free time as i wanted. Guh...So, video_summer starts today. Yep, it`s a new word...I have a few almost finished videos, so i`ll post them as soon as possible :)

For now - new video. What can be better than Sam? Hm...Sam + evil!Sam? I think so :)
This video is about your reflection, and what you can see in the mirror. Kinda creepy.

Look in the mirror... )
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Vidder: Loki
Title: Something About You
Song: Eternal
Artist: Evanescence
Warnings: Character`s death *again*
Category: AU
Characters/Pairings: Dean and Sam, evil!Sam.
Summary: “Dad told me…He told me something about you…”
The biggest, the scariest Dean`s fear caught him – he must kill or be killed. So what`s he gonna do now, when he realized that he must kill his little brother? His evil little brother…
Length: 3:28
File Size: 12,7MB / 76,7MB
Links: YouTube / Download from DivShare 12,7MB / 76,7MB
Type of feedback preferred: Any and all.
Vidder's Note: I think I can`t get rid of this bad habit – I always wanna kill someone in my video, lol) BUT. This is an angst video, right? So it`s ok.
This is like the “two in one” video. There`s a fast, intensive, dark part in the first half of a video, and the second part is much more softer, slower, more sad. I did it just because the original song was too long, lol) I hope you like it ;)


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