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New year, new SPN \ J2 BigBang round! \o/
I had this idea since summer, and finally I can post this trailer thing-y. I'm really glad I had such a chance to make it :)

Crosspost is highly appreciated :)
All the information, credits and DL links can be found here over [ profile] graphicinmotion

Are you in?..
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Ok, so here's the deal.
I'm making a promo trailer for the next year's BigBang challenge, and frankly? I'm at a loss.
I was thinking about it since summer, and though I did come up with the idea, I still can't choose the song for it, and it's kinda big, you know? So I really don't want to screw up. So I thought, that, maybe, if I do it for fandom, fandom should pick up what it wants? *winks*

Choose the song you would like to hear in the trailer. Below I made a list of the songs that're for me associated with the whole thing. There's a few songs that were already been vidded, even by myself, but it's like never-ending story, you know? Those ones can never get old.
And also I made an option for your own choice, because I still didn't make up my mind and I'm always open for suggestions.

PLEASE spread it to your LJs, comms, etc, because world needs to know about it and I need help *puppy eyes*

[Poll #1487672]

Bisou ♥
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Today is the day, people!

This year I was lucky enough to have [ profile] germanjj as my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang writer. She's really awesome and talented, and I just fell in love with her story, which you all must go and read here.

First I thought I'd make one video, because I knew from the very beginning how exactly I want to do it, but, I ended up making the whole bunch of art.

I tried a lot of new things for me, making art for this story, and I really wanna thank [ profile] germanjj for giving me this opportunity ♥ It was so nice to work with you, talk, discuss your story and all ;)

When the room behind the door looks empty, it doesn't always mean it is... )

Bisou ♥

Big Bang!

Mar. 3rd, 2009 03:14 pm
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Hey guys) I guess many of you know such thing as Big Bang. Well, i signed up this year, I`d really like to make some art, preferabply a video clip\trailer, so...Keep this in mind ok? Those of you who`s gonna write a story for it.

So, if you would like to sign up for the art, you can do it here, you have a lot of time, cause submissions end on May 1st. Go ahead and try \o/


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