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I wrote this novel just for you
(Jared/Jensen, AU, NC-17, horror, ~19 000 words)

Funny, they could be a perfect couple if one of them wasn’t a psycho serial killer and the other his biggest fan.

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This is for my puppy [ profile] auntshoe! Happy birthday again bb! ♥ ♥ ♥
And huge thanks to my awesome beta [ profile] sulfuricfusion, who is always up to work on my little somethings ♥
Comments are always ♥

It’s like walking on snow, without leaving a trace.
(Dean, Sam; AU; PG-13; ~1500 words)

Red snow is falling on the ground
As deadly silence fills the space;
I know there is no one around.
It’s over; death has left the trace.

Vasilisa Lisitsyna

When Sam says yes, Dean is there, and he has no soul to sell for his brother. )
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This is for [ profile] eva_lain ♥ ♥ ♥
Huge thanks to [ profile] sulfuricfusion for the beta and making this story lisable :P ♥
Comments are always ♥

The Point Of No Return
(Sam/Dean, NC-17, ~6300 words, au, spoilers for 5x04)

The point of no return is the point beyond which someone, or some group of people, must continue on their current course of action, either because turning back is physically impossible, or because to do so would be prohibitively expensive or dangerous. It is also used when the distance or effort required to get back would be greater than the remainder of the journey or task as yet undertaken

That night Dean tells him their dad is missing, he never mentions to Sam his dreams. )
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Hey people :)
So, this is my first SPN story in English, and I'm pretty nervous about it, but I really hope you'll like it.

Huge thanks to [ profile] sulfuricfusion for beta help ♥ Without her you would totally not understand what was when :P

And also those few people who read this and told me it's good anough to post. Thank you guys, you know who you are ♥ ♥ ♥

And special thanks goes to [ profile] sanann, you know for what doll ;)

300 Seconds On The 13th Floor
(Jared/Jensen, R, ~15 000 words, AU)

You live in the reality. What if there's another world?
When you meet someone different, whose world is more real than yours, which world would you choose?

On the thirteenth floor, between thin air and blue sky, almost next to the clouds, you can hear the silence. )
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Ta-dam. I post something that`s not a video. Yahoo.
Ok, so this is that "song-fic, but more like explanation to my video", which you can find here.
As i said, i really recommend you to read this story and then watch the video, or vice versa, because i really just saw all of this when i heard this song, and i think it`s pretty hard to get what i actually saw but...anyway.
People, i love this story and i love this video, so i guess that`s why i pretty much don`t care about what would you say xD To tell the truth, this video is one of my favorite from myself, and i can`t say why exactly. Maybe, because of the story. Speaking of which...
I know, that my first thought was "Sam would do that" or "Sam would say that", and then "Sam would never do that" or "Sam would never say that". So this whole thing is like one big contradiction or something, and maybe that`s why i love it. maybe because you can believe in it, because seriously? After everything that this guy`d been through?.. And then again, you still have the right not to believe in it and there is another end to this story.
So, which one you choose - it`s your own business, i made my choice.
So, here we go...

Titel: I`m Becoming Untouchable
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Sam, Dean, and everyone else they`ve met
Raiting: PG-13 I guess
Words: 1000+ including song lyrics
Summary: Song-fic to the same name video, which is pretty much character study of Sam, with au-ish end. For more read this post
Warnings: none, technically.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Thanks to: amazing [ profile] _hopefulness_, who read this…erm…this.
Feedback: iz luv <3

I wanted to badly... )


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