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I painted this awhile ago, when I wanted to make something red and with blood. Kind of.
Just something simple, showing the boys' dark side. And I love that shot of Sam looking at his hands, realizing what he has done. So angsty :P

Made for [ profile] eva_lain

Full piece + wallpaper )
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Today is the day, people!

This year I was lucky enough to have [ profile] germanjj as my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang writer. She's really awesome and talented, and I just fell in love with her story, which you all must go and read here.

First I thought I'd make one video, because I knew from the very beginning how exactly I want to do it, but, I ended up making the whole bunch of art.

I tried a lot of new things for me, making art for this story, and I really wanna thank [ profile] germanjj for giving me this opportunity ♥ It was so nice to work with you, talk, discuss your story and all ;)

When the room behind the door looks empty, it doesn't always mean it is... )

Bisou ♥
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So I opened new PS document…

Old and new... )

Bisou ♥
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Ok, it`s not for the Valentine`s Day, but anyway, it`s all about love =)
I couldn`t help myself, but make another J2 video, because these dorks just make all warm and fuzzy inside, and smile, too =)

Come on, Come on, move a little closer )
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I made this video back in September, but still didn`t have time to post it. Yeah, i`m the most original vidder when it comes to posting the videos xD

If you want me, come and find me... )
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So…I guess The December is the month of presents? You know, Christmas, New year…BDays. And I love making presents. And I love viding.

Unpack the present... )
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So, friend of mine asked me about this story the other day, and what? It turned out that this video became her BD present ^^
I`m very glad that Bonya liked it, because, seriously? I couldn`t even think about making something like that. Not to mention that i`m not big fan of Bella or something, and that i prefer something more canon-y.
Anyway, here`s her birthday present! Well, it`s pretty late because it was in august, i just hadn`t time to post it, and i had other videos to post, etc...

So, under the cut you will find:
1. Video. Well, the main present.
2. Wallpaper in three different sizes to this video.
3. A little set of avatars with Dean, Bella (mainly) and Sam.

If you take it, please, comment.

So, do you wanna unpack the present? )


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