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In every beginning of each year I'm thinking, like, will I be vidding by the end of it? What will I be doing? So I'm just really glad I'm still doing it and that I still have all of you awesome people who watch my videos. Thank you :)

So, this is entire 2010 year of vidding!

You can find 2008 and 2009 here and here respectively :)

My goals for 2010 from the last year were:

- NEW FANDOMS! I need to try something new. The problem is - every time it all comes down to mah show. :\
Succeed! I vidded a few new shows and a few movies. I think it's a progress, I found out that I actually like vidding not only vidding spn.

- Finish all of my projects. And then, maybe, take a little break. I actually wanna try to paint more.
50/50. I did finish everything, I don't think there was anything left in 2010 from 2009. But I didn't quite painted more. Well, we have a whole new year ahead...

- A few more remastering. At least two.
50/50 again! I made one remastering for Keep On breathing video. And then I made remastering on remastering >.< Don't even ask, I don't think I will ever post this one. The funny thing is I don't remember the other video I had in mind when I wrote "at least two..." Hm.

Big Bang 2010 trailer.
Manic Star
The Dolphin Song (J2)
Roads (Dean/Bela)

Keep On Breathing (remastered)
Burden Of Sacrifice (Dean character study)
Changes (The Vampire Diaries)

Soldier On
They're Calling My Name (for [ profile] sharp_teeth )
Recessional (Lucky Number Slevin)

The Roaring Of Lions, The Howling Of Wolves (for [ profile] sharp_teeth )
A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Dollhouse)

Nicest Thing (Wicker Park)
We Carry No Arms

I Take Your Word (White Collar)
When Things Explode

How Low
4.42 (fic trailer)
Rabbit, My Claws Are Down
The Lake House (story art + trailers for BigBang 2010)

We Can Move On (Mr.Nobody)

From The Deepest Of Red To The Lightest Of Gray
Mouthwash (J2)

Voices On The Wind
Upward Over The Mountain

Till The Sun Starts To Cry (for [ profile] sharp_teeth )
The Safest Place

Dictionary For A Dead Language (fic trailer)

31 videos total. Wow I clearly have no social life /o\

My favorite video this year (of my own):
From The Deepest Of Red To The Lightest Of Grey. It was the first one to think about and I guess it's true. In September I was in a some kind vid-block, after my so-called hiatus for almost a month I really wanted to make something and it felt like I lost my mojo. So I found this music and I just started to play with it. First I actually wanted to make a video for another fandom, but then I ended up vidding Supernatural, and it turned quite....interesting. So, if this video isn't my favorite, then it's at least the one I remembered the most. The other one, though, is When Things Explode. I went through hard times making it. I also made for a challenge and this video actually took high points. I remember freaking out about the dead line and about that I didn't know what to put here and there and I told [ profile] auntshoe about it and she, an awesome muffin she is, told me to use fireworks, the amulet and little Sammy. And you know what? WORKED LIKE MAGIC.

My least favourite video this year:
Hm, hard question. Not because I shamelessly love all I do, but because there are actually quite a few of them. I would say Eclipsed, Player, The Safest Place. I made "Player" just because I needed to go through the season in my head, and now that I think about it, I don't really know why I even made this video, let alone posted it. Eclipsed is a little different. I kinda loved it and at the same time I didn't. I think I could have done better. I kinda struggled to finish The Safest Place, because when I first hit the block mark I left this video for almost a month (or was it two?..) and then I came back to it and forced myself to finish. I could have dropped it all together, but somehow I can't leave the video unfinished when I'm some part through it. So...yeah.

Most successful video
In my opinion - A Rush Of Blood To The head. Working with [ profile] obsessive24 was a bless, and this video was so straight, so clear and so simple to understand that I was surprised in the end how well Nicky guided me through it. She saw it all in her head from the very beginning and gladly worked as a tool to make this video come real :) Actually, after this video I started working on When Things explode, which is another successful video in my opinion, but I struggled A LOT because I felt like it was chaotic, there wasn't ay story or plot or anything. So, yeah, after DH vid I kinda felt lost lol Another successful video is From The Deepest Of Red... I think it was something new and pretty emotional, as well as Voices On The Wind - Sammy obviously does things to people :P

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Rabbit, My Claws Are Down. I was so obsessed with the idea of comparising Winchesters with a lion and a wolf, and I thought that everyone would see it. Obviously, everyone didn't lol

Most fun video:
Hm...working on my BB'10 video was fun - both the trailer for the challenge itself and for my story with [ profile] sanann. I also had a lot of fun working on my J2 video "Mouthwash", because, come on... :) And When Things Explode. But it was more like hysteric than fun because of the dead line and constant freaking out...

Video with single sexiest moment:
Er?.. I don't really know. I LOVED the scene in "Lucky Number Slevin" when the lie in bed and it's just.....I found it very sexy.

Biggest vid fail:
Er... Payer? Eclipsed? For the very same reasons.

Hardest video to make:
Dollhouse. No doubts. It was hard enough that it was a fandom that I was unfamiliar with. I also had troubles with video files, and I didn't actually know what I was doing in the beginning. As I already said, I was lucky I got Nicky because if it wasn't for her...♥

The things I've learned this year:
Patience. Well, I think it's one f the basic things you need to know when you start vidding. Also - no rushing. I mean, it's good to have a rest, and nt vidding non-stop 24/7. As you can see in the second half of the year I made twice as less videos than in the first half, and I actually feel good about it. I was trying to find something to slow down, because it felt like I wanted to make everything at the same time - which isn't good at all - so I'm glad I finally realized how to actually choose from what I want to make and what people want me to make.

For 2011:
- More different fandoms. I had a lot of fun working with different footage, so I want to keep trying it.
- More vidding experiments. Not sure what exactly it means right now, but, I want to try to find more interesting ideas for editing.
- To make some study videos. I actually have some plans for a Sam character study video, and I also kind of started one video about Supernatural. It's a little different from what I usually do, but...who knows :)

Well, this is it. See you next year! ♥
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