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Here we go:


"Break Your Chains" verse:

I Did It For You [Sam, Dean, RED, trickster]
- Dean made the deal. Sam is alive, but whatever Dean does, he can`t stay with his brother. And noone can help him. He can`t stand all the questions, like “Did I die?”, and so on. He tried to push Sam away. And when finally Sam finds out the way to break the deal…will be there enough time?

Don`t Leave Me Alone [Sam, Dean, YED]
- Dean. Is dead. And he is in hell. With YED. And he`s trying to find a way out. "You can back to life. But only LIKE a demon, or WITH the demon."
Sam. Is alive. And he`s totally alone. He`s falling and he doesn`t know how to find a way out.
But Dean is the older brother. He`s the one who always was right beside Sam. And this time is not an exclusion.

Don`t Leave Me Alone (remastered) [Sam, Dean, YED]
- Remastered version of the old vid.

What Lies Behind Those Eyes [Sam & Dean, demons]
- “Haunting demons. Haunting evil. Haunting yourself?..”
After Dean`s back from hell, he starts loosing his mind – he sees demons everywhere and it`s driving him crazy. But he must distinguish between the visions and his reflections and the evil which is pretty much real and dangerous right now.

Other videos:

Because I See [Sam & Dean]
- Sam has his visions. And he sees everything - past, present, future. He sees Dean. And it`s not a wincest :-D

I Will Remember [Sam & Dean]
- My first AU. Dean could do nothing with Sam`s death, niether he could live with it. Well, "for never was a story of more woe, than this about...Dean and Sam."

Until The Truth becomes A Lie [SPN\Domino crossover]
- Domino is a bounty hunter. Dean is a ghostbuster. Their lives are so dangerous, but when Domino had to find Dean…Well, let`s face it, what women can resist Dean`s charms?:)

I`m Not The man I used To Be [Dean, RED, Sam]
- After Sam`s death Dean decided to make a deal with RED. But he wanted not to bring back his brother, but become a demon. He didn`t want to live life he would, he was full of anger and evil. But sometimes he saw and heard his brother in his head. He started to think if his choice was right. Especially, if his brother was alive and…evil.

Wait For Me - Promo [Ensamble]
- Family, dreams, hope, belief, destiny, life, fight…Two brothers, two souls, one life, one death…

Something About You [Dean & Sam, evil!Sam]
- “Dad told me…He told me something about you…”
The biggest, the scariest Dean`s fear caught him – he must kill or be killed. So what`s he gonna do now, when he realized that he must kill his little brother? His evil little brother…

The Light At The End Of A Tunnel [Ensamble]
- Dean said ones, that he was tired. The EYD put him in his own consciousness to show him all his greater fears, memories. To show him how important his job. He finds his darkest side – himself, the one, who want to escape from his destiny. The one, who doesn`t want to go to Hell. And he showed the good!Dean all the good things in his life, so he started to realize, that he actually, doesn`t want to die.

We Live Like This [Ensamble]
- Episodic video for 1.12 “Faith” episode.

The Hole Is Where The heart Is [am, Dean, Andy, girlsgirlsgirls]
- When your brother, the closest you`ve ever had, dies, you try to find a way out and rescue in intertaiment, sex, drinking hard and…killing.

I`ll Follow You Into The Dark [Sam and Dean]
- Dean died, but the ghost of him is still with Sam. Dean followed his little brother, helped him, told him what was it like – to die. Basically this is video is about their strong connection and relationships.

The Last Goodbye [Sam\Dean WINCEST]
- Sometimes it`s just too hard to let go. Sometimes it`s just too hard to say “goodbye”.

At The Crossroad [Open credits]
- Fan made open credits for the Supernatural season 3.

Stay [Dean, Sam, Jo, Bobby, and the blond-girl]
- What if everything you thought was your life – wasn`t? What if everything you thought wasn`t your life – was?

Forgiven and Forsaken [Sam & Dean]
- There`re only two months left. And Dean can`t let Sam watch how the hellhounds will come for him. He decides to go back to Lawrence – the place, where it all started. He wants to end up everything right there. But when Sam came to save Dean, the older brother makes the worst mistake in his entire life.

Left Me With Life In Hell [Sam & Dean]
- Time`s up. Dean died and now he is in his personal hell. Lost, broken and totally alone. Trapped inside his own body. Over and over again.

In A Mirror Distorted [Sam& evil!Sam]
- “How certain are you in what you brought back is 100 % pure Sam?”
This is about what can you see when you look in the mirror.
So…how certain are you?..

These Secret`s I`ll Give To You [Ensamble]
- Season 3 recap video.

Premonition [Sam, Dean, Bobby]
- “Letting him die would be the same as killing him.”

Afraid Of Waking [Ensamble]
- What will you choose between the real life and the world of great illusion?..

Shadows and Regrets [Sam & Dean]
- After few years since they quit hunting, Dean is back to Lawrence, trying to return to normal the relationships he had with his brother. But memories of his life are haunting him, and he understands that there`s a new case, new monster which they have to kill. It seems like they will never be able to live normal life, and, to tell the truth – as long as they are together, they can make it.

Black X-mas [Ensamble]
- Promo for the 308 episode “A very supernatural Christmas”

Keep On Breathing [Sam & Dean]
- They are brothers and they will do anything for each other.
This video is about the importance of will, brothers` love, and what they really going to do for each other when there`s a real threat to their lives. Because, in the end, all you have to do is breathe.

Even In Death [Sam/Jess]
- Sam died. To bring him back, Jessica makes a ritual. But then she understands, that what did she bring back is not Sam, and there`s only one way to stop it.

Time Has Come (promo) [Sam & Dean]
- Fan made promo for the upcoming Supernatural season 4, basically about the Dean`s deal.

Three Of A Kind [Dean, Bella, Sam]
- Dean loves Bella, but she doesn`t love him. Instead, she loves his brother, which makes Dean go crazy and he kills his brother and then he kills Bella. But now he can`t go on by himself…

Sorry, love, Daddy [John and Dean, ensemble]
- Dean reads the letter that John left him before he died.

All In Your hands [Sam, evil!Sam, Dean, YED]
- Dean`s year is almost up and Sam makes another deal with YED to save him. The terms are: Sam doesn`t remember anything, and he`s becoming an antichrist. When Dean comes and kills Ruby, trying to save his little brother, Sam kills Dean, because he actually doesn`t know him. And then memories are back and Sam understands that now he has to become what he was afraid of the most.

Where We Gonna Go From Here [Dean\Sam - WINCEST]
- Their home is a road, their house is the Impala. And as long as they have each other, everything will be ok. This video is about Sam, who tries to deal with the fact, that soon one year only will end.

Searching For The Light [Dean, Sam, Bobby, Lilith, Castiel]
- This is the longest day of Dean`s life when he tries to find the answer and truth of what happened to him in hell.

On The darkest Side Of The Sun [Dean, Sam]
- Sam goes to the dark side, but he`s not the only one who does.

I Have Forgotten Where You Have Not [Dean, Sam]
- Dean was caught and kept in the asylum where he lost his memory. Sam finds him and tries to bring “his brother” back, while Dean wants to destroy the asylum.

Yesterday I Died [Sam, Dean]
- Sam died and Dean made a deal to save his brother. When the year was up, Sam couldn`t deal with the loss and he went to the dark side, always thinking and remembering Dean. But would everything be that way, if Dean didn`t make a deal?

In My Heart I Have Hope [Dean/Sam - Wincest]
- Wherever Dean goes, Sam always finds him, because he needs him here with him.

Here With Me [Sam, Dean, Ruby]
- The video is about what Sam did those 4 months without Dean, how he dealt with that, and how they both felt, when Dean came back from hell.

Come And Find Me [Dean\Layla, Sam]
- Layla`s ghost is chasing Dean, trying to kill him, because Layla hasn`t been healed because of Dean. Dean feels guilty but he knows that there`s just one way to give Layla rest and peace.

For You I`ll Stay Alive [Dean, Sam]
- The title says pretty much everything about it. Dean will stay alive for Sam. No matter what.

I`m Becoming Untouchable [Sam, Dean]
- Sort of Sam character study video with au-ish end. I really recommend you to read the explanations for understanding the video.

A New Hope [Dean, Sam, John]
- In the world of chaos, in the lives of losses, they try to find a new hope in each other.

Let Me Go [Dean, Sam, Castiel]
- Sam became evil and left Dean. He left him the note, and now Dean is trying to find his brother to stop him, no matter what he did to Sam in the past. When Dean finally finds Sam, he knows what he has to do, because he`s not human anymore, now he`s the same as Castiel, and Sam is his enemy.

Don`t Go And Leave Me [Sam\Jess, Dean]
- Sam left Dean for Jess, but when the darkness inside him gets bigger, he kills her. Dean is trying to find his brother, but Sam ran away, because he was terrified of what he had done. When police almost caught Sam, Dean helped him get out, but Sam couldn`t live anymore with what he`d done to Jess.

Response of Souls [Dean\Sam]
- Watch. Feel. Breathe.

Real [Ensemble]
- A tribute to Supernatural cast and crew.

The Victim [Sam\Ruby]
- Relationship is a tricky thing. They say, there`s a thin line between love and hate.

The One [Sam]
- A Sam Winchester character study, focused on him learning his dark side mostly through season 4.

You`re Still Here
- No matter what, Dean is still here for Sam.

Never Turn Your Back On It [Dean, Sam]
- Dean’s character study through all four season, mostly focused on his relationships with Sam.

Reverse of Shades [Ensemble]
- What if you could rewind your life like a video tape?

705 [Dean, Sam]
- After an awful accident Dean and Sam fell in coma. In the dream-world they are all alone in a whole world, walking in the empty house, trying to find each other and themselves. Sam thinks that he died after the accident, and he asks Dean to let him go. But is Dean actually alive to let go his brother?

Move Down To Me (We`ll Dance Inside This Song) [Jared and Jensen]
- Suck it up, people, J2 iz real :D

Settle Down Inside My Love [Jared and Jensen]
- Suck it up, people, J2 iz real :D Even more J2 and happy faces.

That's Where This Ends [Jared and Jensen]
- Ackles likes Jared. Jared thinks “Huh?..” but anyway, he can’t resist the feeling.

Other TV shows

Dark Angel
Right Through Your Eyes [Aleck]
- Aleck character study video. “You play the role of all you long to be. But I, I know who you really are. You’re the one who cries when you’re alone”.

Queer as Folk
The Light That Fills The Emptiness [Brian/Justin]
- This video is basically about the relationships between Brian and Justin through season one and how Brian deals with the awful tragedy that happened to Justin.

The Shadows Shift The Wind [Ensamble]
- Small general vid\sort of characters study\recap vid about the events in first 4 episodes.


Forever Young [Zack/Shaun]
- Forced to give up his dreams of art school, Zach spends his days working a dead-end job and helping his needy sister care for her son. In his free time he surfs, draws and hangs out with his best friend, Gabe, who lives on the wealthy side of town. When Gabe's older brother, Shaun, returns home, he is drawn to Zach's selflessness and talent. Zach falls in love with Shaun while struggling to reconcile his own desires with the needs of his family.

Safe Inside My Mind [Ensemble]
- In Cheever Lake, the twenty-one years old Jake Gray (Jensen Ackles) has bloody nightmares while awake. His friends Conrad Dean (Teach Grant) and Dakota (Dominique Swain) apply him in a weird game called "The Pathway". Jake begins to mix reality with daydreams, while his closest friends die. Jake blames the game, which might be connected to the devil, for the deaths of his friends and decides to investigate the mystery. [IMDB]

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