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2009-11-25 08:34 pm
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Fic: The Point Of No Return (Sam/Dean, NC-17, ~6300 words)

This is for [ profile] eva_lain ♥ ♥ ♥
Huge thanks to [ profile] sulfuricfusion for the beta and making this story lisable :P ♥
Comments are always ♥

The Point Of No Return
(Sam/Dean, NC-17, ~6300 words, au, spoilers for 5x04)

The point of no return is the point beyond which someone, or some group of people, must continue on their current course of action, either because turning back is physically impossible, or because to do so would be prohibitively expensive or dangerous. It is also used when the distance or effort required to get back would be greater than the remainder of the journey or task as yet undertaken

That night Dean tells him their dad is missing, he never mentions to Sam his dreams. )
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2009-05-26 09:26 pm
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Vidlet: Bounce

Just got back home and, really, I’m useless right now for anything else, so I just post this little naughty thing and go away :P

And when you use your lips... )
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2009-05-24 05:20 pm
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Art: A Lullaby To Close Your Eyes

I'm kinda super active these days oO

I spent the whole weekend doing this, and actually there can't be anything better than painting these two. ♥

Title: A Lullaby To Close Your Eyes
Author: Loki
Medium: Paintover, manip, table pen
Rating: G
Pairing: Sam\Dean

Full image, credits and notes... )
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2009-03-26 05:16 pm
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Vid: You`re Still Here

So, remember I said that I`m gonna post all my finished vids soon? Well, I`m doing this.
Actually, I have a bunch of videos that I still didn`t post, don`t know why really. So I found this video, which I made back in december (!) and i kinda forgot about it lol
Anyway, this is the last video from 2008, though it`s not the last I made in 2008. Anyway, it`s old, it`s simple, it`s something different from few my latest videos, like The Victim and The One. So, don`t be surprised. I think I really make absolutely different videos and can`t find something I like the most.

The YT link is currently without a sound, I sent the form, I hope they will turn on the sound soon.

You see everything… )
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2009-02-28 12:21 am
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Happy Birthday ^^

Ok, as in Russia it`s already 28th of february, i decided to make this post :D
besides, i`m not sure if i`ll be able to make this tomorrow...

Kayla, this is for you, Happy Birthday! *a lot of hugs and kisses*

Unpack the present )
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2008-12-06 04:02 pm
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Do you remember?

Ok, this story isn`t new, but anyway - i love it.

All In Your Mind... )
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2008-11-06 08:24 pm
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Happy BD ;)

So here i am once again.

With something new-old. I think i don`t post something "new" recently, i post just "old-new", but anyway, i hope you like it guys =)

This time i want to wish all the best to our dearest antigonesgift. <3

Unpack the present )
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2008-04-13 10:13 pm
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Guh, my first wincest!xD

I`ve been working on this video longer than i thought i would, cause my vegas didn`t want to render it *ghrrrr* Ok, i beated it, i won, and now lt me present my new video, wincest video! Huh, kinda official...Anyways, hope you like it =)

Vidder: Loki
Title: The last Goodbye
Song: Goodbye My Lover
Artist: James Blunt
Warnings: WINCEST
Category: AU
Characters/Pairings: Sam/Dean.
Summary: Sometimes it`s just too hard to let go. Sometimes it`s just too hard to say “goodbye”.
Length: 2:58
File Size: 12,3MB/ 27,2MB
Links: YouTube / Download 12,3MB / 27,2MB
Type of feedback preferred: Any and all.
Vidder`s note: Ok, my first wincest video. When I heard this song first time, I was like “It definitely will be a wincest video.” So here we are. Hope you like this small sad video. Another self-indulgent one. I just wanted something soft and calm for such a beautiful song.