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I clearly don't have enough time as it is, but it's for a good cause, so here we are.


I'm offering one video in any of these fandoms: Supernatural (or RPS J2), White Collar, Fringe, Misfits.

[ profile] counteragent of course I haven't forgotten about you, I'm waiting for your word and I think I may have a song for a J2 video (though I know we kind of decided on something else), let me know how your Fringe marathon is going on ;) ♥
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In every beginning of each year I'm thinking, like, will I be vidding by the end of it? What will I be doing? So I'm just really glad I'm still doing it and that I still have all of you awesome people who watch my videos. Thank you :)

So, this is entire 2010 year of vidding!

You can find 2008 and 2009 here and here respectively :)

My goals for 2010 from the last year were:

- NEW FANDOMS! I need to try something new. The problem is - every time it all comes down to mah show. :\
Succeed! I vidded a few new shows and a few movies. I think it's a progress, I found out that I actually like vidding not only vidding spn.

- Finish all of my projects. And then, maybe, take a little break. I actually wanna try to paint more.
50/50. I did finish everything, I don't think there was anything left in 2010 from 2009. But I didn't quite painted more. Well, we have a whole new year ahead...

- A few more remastering. At least two.
50/50 again! I made one remastering for Keep On breathing video. And then I made remastering on remastering >.< Don't even ask, I don't think I will ever post this one. The funny thing is I don't remember the other video I had in mind when I wrote "at least two..." Hm.

Lots and lots of ramblings... )

Well, this is it. See you next year! ♥
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Come and talk about vidding! I finally posted my Workshop over [ profile] spnroundtable and I can't wait to talk about it :D
In the meantime...

71 vid rec under the cut )
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So, ok, I made one back in February, so it's been almost a year. There's been a lot of new videos since then, and I decided to play again. here you see what videos I was already asked about :)

And yeah, I'm just bored.

Comment with a video I've made, and I will tell you something I knew, learned, or wondered about while making it that didn't make it into the video.

Bisou ♥
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Ok, so here's the deal.
I'm making a promo trailer for the next year's BigBang challenge, and frankly? I'm at a loss.
I was thinking about it since summer, and though I did come up with the idea, I still can't choose the song for it, and it's kinda big, you know? So I really don't want to screw up. So I thought, that, maybe, if I do it for fandom, fandom should pick up what it wants? *winks*

Choose the song you would like to hear in the trailer. Below I made a list of the songs that're for me associated with the whole thing. There's a few songs that were already been vidded, even by myself, but it's like never-ending story, you know? Those ones can never get old.
And also I made an option for your own choice, because I still didn't make up my mind and I'm always open for suggestions.

PLEASE spread it to your LJs, comms, etc, because world needs to know about it and I need help *puppy eyes*

[Poll #1487672]

Bisou ♥
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Well, I guess I need it even more after the new SPN episode, and maybe some of you need it too. Besides, some old stuff is always good, roght? Riiiight?

So, we all remember how easy and nice and "oh that look" it was in the season 1? Season 2? Maybe somewhere in season 3, too? Anyway, speaking about season one - now it seems like an absolutely different show, with pretty different emotions and feelings, and I kinda miss it now.
That's why I make this kinda video-pic-spam? Or I don't know how to call it (a vid, maybe? lol)
It's pretty much doesn't have any plot or story, it's just our boys during the first seasons, and I really have been having fun making it, I look through most part of season 1, and soon I'll start cutting off clips from season two...

Anyway, enough blah-blah, do you have your favorite boys' moments? I don't mean slash, but you can think so in some way. Looks, scenes, hugs and touches, laughs and smiles - whatever you liked during all seasons (preferably 1,2 and, ok, 3 season).

*not dial-up friendly cuts
Like this )
this one ) maybe? :)

Caps, exact timing or something like this would be greatly appreciated ;)

Let's pretend this is some kind of a game, and all your answers will be highly appreciated, and, maybe tell your friends to tell their friends? *puppy eyes*

Thank you guys in advance!
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I'm making my new Js_sort_of_AU_video, and I just couldn't not to post this one:

and I'm not gonna even try to put it under the cut, suck it up people :P

Ok, how cooler on Earth the man could possibly be?..

And I guess, if you take it, credit me or something? Cause this is some sort of an art work? :|


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