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Hey all.
So, now I try to finish up all my started projects, which I have helluva...Ok, too many.
Anyway, I finish first what can be finished sooner, so those who waits for something from me (you know who you are, right? ♥ ) just wait a little bit longer, just a little, I try to clear the chaos of ideas in my head and I just need to get free of something.

Made for [ profile] wheelygirl for Sweet Charity’09.
I think this is what this show is about, right? Two brothers (include all the family drama), driving down the road, killing monsters and listening to the classic rock?
I spent last few month with this song, and there were times when I thought I couldn’t make it, because the song is really basic, as I already told, it has steady bit, amazing lyrics, but somehow, I wasn’t able to finish this vid earlier. But Jayne kicked me in my ass, so here we are – I vidded the whole song, and I’m pretty much satisfied with the result, in the end the decision was pretty easy.

And yes, YouTube dumped me once again, so BVV for today ;)

I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain… )


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