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This is for my puppy [ profile] auntshoe! Happy birthday again bb! ♥ ♥ ♥
And huge thanks to my awesome beta [ profile] sulfuricfusion, who is always up to work on my little somethings ♥
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It’s like walking on snow, without leaving a trace.
(Dean, Sam; AU; PG-13; ~1500 words)

Red snow is falling on the ground
As deadly silence fills the space;
I know there is no one around.
It’s over; death has left the trace.

Vasilisa Lisitsyna

When Sam says yes, Dean is there, and he has no soul to sell for his brother. )
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Ok, so here's the deal.
I'm making a promo trailer for the next year's BigBang challenge, and frankly? I'm at a loss.
I was thinking about it since summer, and though I did come up with the idea, I still can't choose the song for it, and it's kinda big, you know? So I really don't want to screw up. So I thought, that, maybe, if I do it for fandom, fandom should pick up what it wants? *winks*

Choose the song you would like to hear in the trailer. Below I made a list of the songs that're for me associated with the whole thing. There's a few songs that were already been vidded, even by myself, but it's like never-ending story, you know? Those ones can never get old.
And also I made an option for your own choice, because I still didn't make up my mind and I'm always open for suggestions.

PLEASE spread it to your LJs, comms, etc, because world needs to know about it and I need help *puppy eyes*

[Poll #1487672]

Bisou ♥
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Life caught up on me, and I'll be paying for this next week >.<
But I guess it doesn't matter, right? Cause we have new ep today \o/
For this occasion I even made myself a new crying icon. For Dean's sake...

Anyway, I think this is one helluva a best episode in this season, y/y? I can talk and talk, but bleh...I made a little picspam with my favorite scenes (though not all of them), so go and take a look :) I put everything under the cut, cause I guess even the banner is pretty spoilery lol

We make our own future... )

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Thank you :)

Bisou ♥


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