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So, i watched the official SPN s4 promo the other day, and i thought "WTF?!"
Seriously? I didn`t like it. At all. I mean, watch the Smallville promo - they put there clips from the new episode, and it was much more interesting.
So, i thought, maybei can do something like a fan made promo? Of course, it`s just silly fan made video, sort of "promo" video, but basically i just wanted to remind you guys the events of the last season, Dean`s deal, what happened after time was up. Because we all wait for the 401 episode to see the great brothers` reunion. called.
Anyway, here my new video - fan made promo for the new Supernatural season 4 , that will start at september 18 at CW. Hope you all like it, even thoguh there`s nothing new.
Enjoy! =)

Time Has Come... )
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Ok, i think this is all because of the heat. It was too hot, so i decided to make a little promo for episode 3.08 "A very Supernatural Chrostmas".
But, to tell the truth, i just loved the song and i couldn`t help it. So here`s new video i made in july.
Hope you liked it :)
And yeah, i tried to make it as creepy as i could 8)

Have yourself a little Merry Christmas... )
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Vidder: Loki
Title: Wait For Me – Promo.
Songs: “Wait for me” – “The lake house” OST, “Say Goodbye” by Skillet.
Warnings: Episodes up to 309. Not spoilers.
Category: Promo
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, John, Mary, YED.
Summary: Family, dreams, hope, belief, destiny, life, fight…Two brothers, two souls, one life, one death…
Length: 2:37
File Size: 9MB / 49MB
Links: YouTube / Download from DivShare 9MB / 49MB
Type of feedback preferred: Any and all.
Vidder's Note: Ok, I think every vidder must make something like promo video. This is my first try, so…I know it is simple video, without any super-cool effects or transitions or something like this, but I wanted to make something…Something like this. Simple, short, and about brothers` life. Well, you are my judges.


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