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[ profile] animotus started it with her amazing Jensen t-shirt picspam, so I decided to give Jared some attention too.

Completely useless picspam. Also a little messy and I was just bored. So I played with colors and sizes, though I wanna let you know this is the last time ;)

Anyway, you know, I figured, there's always room for prettiness :D

37 pretty things. )

Bisou ♥
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Life caught up on me, and I'll be paying for this next week >.<
But I guess it doesn't matter, right? Cause we have new ep today \o/
For this occasion I even made myself a new crying icon. For Dean's sake...

Anyway, I think this is one helluva a best episode in this season, y/y? I can talk and talk, but bleh...I made a little picspam with my favorite scenes (though not all of them), so go and take a look :) I put everything under the cut, cause I guess even the banner is pretty spoilery lol

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Don't use for art.
Do not hotlink.
Comments are always ♥
Thank you :)

Bisou ♥
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I really should make something....More useful?.. GUH.
It's not a secret that I'm kinda obsessed with the process of shooting. Or, if it was a secret now you know this fact about me :P

Anyway, this is small picspam of our boyz making their job. This is what they do best ;)

Epic story of how these two dorks won our hearts. )

Hope you like it :)
Bisou ♥
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So, [ profile] fleshflutter was the initiator, and as her idea, as always, was awesome, I took part :P

This is my art-y crying picspam:

Haha, I know I'm the queen of picspams' themes xD

Apparently, in the first season everything was much much brighter... )

Bisou ♥
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Apparently my muse is somewhere on Bahamas right now, but it doesn't mean I don't wanna make something with those handsome guys :P
This is for [ profile] flashflutter, because she's too awesome and talented.
This is pretty little something for you hon *big padahug* Hope you like it. Happy Birthday! ♥

Something old, something new, with smiles, love, and obviously, hands... )

Much love friends ♥
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I just try to make it through the hiatus. And I discovered that making picspams is actually an easy thing and it's very fun :) Especially cropping and coloring ♥
I'm so gonna spam your flists this summer...

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Ok, tomorrow will be major epic fail, so this is just to cheer myself up.
If it's possible right now...:|

This is one of my favorite episodes, not only because it's very emotional and very important for the story, but also because of the so nice and cute behind the scenes stills.
Just a few handsome boys :)

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