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In every beginning of each year I'm thinking, like, will I be vidding by the end of it? What will I be doing? So I'm just really glad I'm still doing it and that I still have all of you awesome people who watch my videos. Thank you :)

So, this is entire 2010 year of vidding!

You can find 2008 and 2009 here and here respectively :)

My goals for 2010 from the last year were:

- NEW FANDOMS! I need to try something new. The problem is - every time it all comes down to mah show. :\
Succeed! I vidded a few new shows and a few movies. I think it's a progress, I found out that I actually like vidding not only vidding spn.

- Finish all of my projects. And then, maybe, take a little break. I actually wanna try to paint more.
50/50. I did finish everything, I don't think there was anything left in 2010 from 2009. But I didn't quite painted more. Well, we have a whole new year ahead...

- A few more remastering. At least two.
50/50 again! I made one remastering for Keep On breathing video. And then I made remastering on remastering >.< Don't even ask, I don't think I will ever post this one. The funny thing is I don't remember the other video I had in mind when I wrote "at least two..." Hm.

Lots and lots of ramblings... )

Well, this is it. See you next year! ♥
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I feel this unexplainable urge to make this meme. Maybe it's just because it's Monday, or maybe it's because there's never be enough love for Sam in the world. I'm not that familiar with memes and stuff, so, help me out here people :)

♥ Post pic/gif/video/fic/whatever that includes Sam.*
♥ tell why you love him so much (in this particular picture or just in general).
♥ appreciate and love with everyone else.
♥ spread the love and the appreciation all over the place (i.e. repost!)

* it can be your own work, or it can be someone else's. No stealing.

meme time

Sep. 17th, 2010 06:15 pm
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come on people, play with me. Need a distraction after the rough day /o\

MEME! \o/

Feb. 27th, 2010 10:52 pm
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In order to celebrate 32 birthday of our favorite man, let's play!

Da rulez:
→ play nice, we're here for fun.
→ If there's any problems, PM me.
→ pimp pimp pimp ♥

What we should know about you:



YES. We start celebrating NOW, shuddup.
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So, ok, I made one back in February, so it's been almost a year. There's been a lot of new videos since then, and I decided to play again. here you see what videos I was already asked about :)

And yeah, I'm just bored.

Comment with a video I've made, and I will tell you something I knew, learned, or wondered about while making it that didn't make it into the video.

Bisou ♥
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The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.

Off till Sunday. Much love friends.
Bisou ♥
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I've been super busy these days, because University takes all my time. I work kinda slowly on a few projects that I was talking about, but yesterday I posted the first story art for one of those 4 stories I'm working with this autumn. So, go here to check out the art for [ profile] sanann's story "Hold Me While I'm Killing You. Hope you like it ♥

Speaking about not fandom things, let's play a game. It's kinda simple, but I hope it'll be fun.

Tell me one word - anything from abstract things like "wind" to specific things like "table" - and I'll make a photo, which, in my opinion, represents this word best.

You can play this game, too, if you want, I'd totally request a few words ;)
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So, [ profile] ckll gave me John.
If you want to play, i'll give you a character.

So, my answers... )


Mar. 6th, 2009 08:18 am
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I feel like I don`t do anything, but memes lol
[ profile] dazzelbug started it, so, join!

What I Like About You

Meme time!

Mar. 3rd, 2009 01:17 pm
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*g* I signed up for the THE GREAT VIDDING TRUTH MEME. And this is the first time i`ve ever done this. So, you know, if you`ve seen my videos, maybe you can go there and drop me a message? *puppy eyes*

Ok, the rest, i found out i was tagged by [ profile] absrip lol Like, a month ago oO
Anyway, i don`t have pretty much to do right now, so here`s a Read more... )

And I have to tag 8 other persons. So i tag: [ profile] _hopefulness_, [ profile] antigonesgift, [ profile] dazzlebug, [ profile] gigglemonster, [ profile] ladymanson, [ profile] sanann, [ profile] sugarfree03, [ profile] winterevanesce.
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Ok, there was the same meme about fanfiction, but i thought, that we can do the same thing with videos :)

Comment with a video I've made, and I will tell you something I knew, learned, or wondered about while making it that didn't make it into the video.
The full list of my videos can be found here

Anyone? Any vid? ;)

Anyone who likes it can snag it =)
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Stolen from [ profile] winterevanesce

1. Name:
2. Birthday:
3. Where do you live:
4: What are you studying/What are you working as:
5. What makes you happy:
6. What are you listening to now/have listened to last:
7. What is particularly good/bad about my LJ:
8. An interesting fact about you:
9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
10. Favorite place to be:
11. Favorite lyric:
12. Best time of the year:
13. Weirdest food you like:

1. A film:
2. A book:
3. A song:
4: A band:

1. Favorite Fandom:
2. OTP/OT3:
3. Icon/Fic Journal (so I can join):

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you?
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Ok, it`s already a little more than a year, but still... =)
It was the coolest time in my life, sonce i opened Vegas first time. I couldn`t even imaine that vidding will become my passion #1. So i think now it`s time for meme =)

Mostly it`s SPN videos, btw.

Vids made in 2008
*sorted by release date*

I Will Remember [Sam & Dean]
Until The Truth becomes A Lie [SPN\Domino crossover]
I`m Not The man I used To Be [Dean, RED, Sam]

Wait For Me - Promo [Ensamble]
Something About You [Dean & Sam, evil!Sam]
The Light At The End Of A Tunnel [Ensamble]
I Did It For You [Sam, Dean, RED, trickster]

Don`t leave me Alone [Sam, Dean, YED]
We Live Like This [Ensamble]
The Hole Is Where The heart Is [Sam, Dean, Andy, girlsgirlsgirls]

I`ll Follow You Into The Dark [Sam and Dean]
The Last Goodbye [Sam\Dean WINCEST]
At The Crossroad [Open credits]

Stay [Dean, Sam, Jo, Bobby, and the blond-girl]
Forgiven and Forsaken [Sam & Dean]
Left Me With Life In Hell [Sam & Dean]

In A Mirror Distorted [Sam& evil!Sam]
These Secret`s I`ll Give To You [Ensamble]
Premonition [Sam, Dean, Bobby]

Forever Young "Shelter" movie [Zack/Shaun]
Afraid Of Waking [Ensamble]
What Lies Behind Those Eyes [Sam & Dean, demons]
Shadows and Regrets [Sam & Dean]

Black X-mas [Ensamble]
Keep On Breathing [Sam & Dean]

Even In Death [Sam/Jess]
Time Has Come (promo) [Sam & Dean]
Three Of A Kind [Dean, Bella, Sam]

Sorry, love, Daddy [John and Dean, ensemble]
Right Through Your Eyes Dark Angel [Aleck]
The Light That Fills The Emptiness Queer as Folk [Brian/Justin]
All In Your hands [Sam, evil!Sam, Dean, YED]

Where We Gonna Go From Here [Dean\Sam - WINCEST]
Searching For The Light [Dean, Sam, Bobby, Lilith, Castiel]
On The darkest Side Of The Sun [Dean, Sam]

I Have Forgotten Where You Have Not [Dean, Sam]
Yesterday I Died [Sam, Dean]
In My Heart I Have Hope [Dean/Sam - Wincest]
Here With Me [Sam, Dean, Ruby]

My favorite video this year (of my own):
I think it`s "Don`t leave me alone", just because i tried something new. And i still can`t understand how someone like me made something like this xD Anyway, i think it was very interesting. Also i love my "premonition" vid, cause i pulled out the story quite nice. My "Stay" video, because i played a lot with the sound, and i think it was quite well. I can`t name just one video because there`s a few ones which i like in different ways. Also i love my "I`m becoming untouchable" video, which i haven`t posted yet.

My least favourite video this year:
"I`m not the man i used to be" maybe. It was my first time i tried to make evil!Dean video, and i think i sucked xD Also "We live like this". I love the song, i love the episode (it was 112 "Faith" recap video) but i think i didn`t make it as good as i could.

Most successful video
The last ones i think. In one hand, for me the most successful vids are "Don`t leave me alone" for the technic and the story, my "Stay" video for the idea and the style, "Three of a kind" for the story, which was quite crazy :D
On the other hand, my "Shelter" video, "Forever young" is the most successful and i still don`t know why. Maybe because there`s no many videos for that movie?

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Haha, hard question. I think "Something about you". I liked the story, the situation, but maybe i didn`t make it as good and clear as it needed. Also "In a mirror distorted". I really loved this twisted story, but yeah - i guess it was hard to "see" where was good Sam and evil Sam.

Most fun video:
Lol, "Premonition". I spent the whole night trying to figure out the story, when which day was and so on. But i`m kind of proud of it, because i managed to do it. Also my "Stay" video, which i made like in one night. I was very crazy about the story. C`est la meme chose with the "Until the truth becomes a lie". And the same thing with the "Don`t leave me alone" because of this texture-symbol thing. These videos just blew me away, and i had a lot of fun making them.

Video with single sexiest moment:
Hmmm....i guess my wincest vids, and yeah - Shelter video. Just because of the original movie :D
But then again - i have a few vids which i haven`t posted yet, and there`s one with pretty hot sex scene. It`s a wincest. I guess you`ll see it soon ;)

Biggest vid fail:
I guess my "Wait for me" promo. I wanted to make something simple and a lot like movie trailer, but i failed. Also "Something about you" - i expected more from this vid and the story. I think there`s nothing else to say)

Hardest video to make:
Every vid where i used motion blur effect xD Seriously, my Sony vegas just can`t stand it, and i hardly can render vids with this effect. So that`s why it`s "Even in death". I like the story, and it was pretty hard to get Jessica`s scenes, because i`m not too familiar with FNL show. Also it was pretty hard to make "Keep on breathing" - the song is very emotional for me and very meaningful, and when you think about it...Guh, motion blur sucks xD

Most unintentionally telling video:
A-ha...and what`s that? oO Lol, i don`t know either what that question means, so i can just guess...But i`d say "keep on breathing". Just because it is. I really don`t know about other vids.

The things I've learned this year:
- You can do everything in your video. The story, the image, the effects...If you want it, you`ll do it.
- Many effects in your video not always good. Especially if it`s an AU video. Thanks everyone for that, now i understand it :D
- As Dayl said, vid for yourself. If you like what you do, the other will love it too. And if you like the song, or the story, you`ll make it as good as you can, just because you really want it. And yeah - it`s true ;)
- Try something new. New genres, new ideas, styles, etc. It`s always nice to move forward, and it`s always interesting.

for 2009:
- Try Adobe Premier. It`s a hell of a program and i really wanna beat it.
- Try other fandoms, tv shows, movies. Most of my videos are Supernatural ones, and i don`t say i tired of it, but i`d like to make something new.
- Try to make not only AU videos, but also some "theme" videos, with deep meaning, emotion.
- Try to play not only with effects, but also with the editing. As i said, it`s not always good when your video is just like one big flash or effect. So yeah, deep meaningful videos with simple editing :P
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Okay everyone. I think it`s time to get a little closer?
I know i made this journal for keeping all my vidz (and other artworks) in one place, so i`m really not sure if anyone reads me except when i post my new video...*roll eyes*
So i was thinking about making this LJ not so...erm...official? Anyways, i don`t think i`m a good LJ writer, and so on...So for now - computer meme i stole from [ profile] dayln03 and [ profile] popcornleader

1. Comment with a request to see absolutely anything on my computer. my desktop, my documents, my bookmarks, my latest works in progress, my iTunes, etc - Whatever you're curious about. Request it!
2. I will respond with a screenshot of the very thing you request.

Anyone? :D


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