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Spent the whole day doing nothing.
Changed my layout, profile, added all the links. Feel free to add me wherever you want :)

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Y/Y? I know it's a little creepy...:P
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The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.

Off till Sunday. Much love friends.
Bisou ♥
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I've been super busy these days, because University takes all my time. I work kinda slowly on a few projects that I was talking about, but yesterday I posted the first story art for one of those 4 stories I'm working with this autumn. So, go here to check out the art for [ profile] sanann's story "Hold Me While I'm Killing You. Hope you like it ♥

Speaking about not fandom things, let's play a game. It's kinda simple, but I hope it'll be fun.

Tell me one word - anything from abstract things like "wind" to specific things like "table" - and I'll make a photo, which, in my opinion, represents this word best.

You can play this game, too, if you want, I'd totally request a few words ;)
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I feel like it's time to move on.
From now on all my vids and art will be posted over [ profile] graphicinmotion
for this journal I have other ideas
Feel free to watch, comment and have fun.
Thank you my friends.
Much love ♥
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Ok, soooo.....This ep was pretty cool.
I don't wanna talk and talk and talk about it, cause right now I just don't have any powers left after the whole day of shooting wedding *_* Besides, everything has already been said.

Anyway, I promised my babe [ profile] sanann to show her that look from 4.19 episode, and while I was copying photos from flash cards, I decided to make an animation with it.
Sorry for not so good wuality and big zoom, there was this "awesome" green CW add on the bottom *curses* and there still wasn't unwatermarked episode *waits*
Cut for spoilers, I guess? :)

The Look of Sam... )

And yay, 100th post! How cool is that, that 100th post is so cute? :P
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I was meaning to make a post,5 hours already? But then I wanted to read my f-list and what we have? Guh...

Anyway, just wanted to ask what the thing is with this Dreamwidth thing? :| I read about it a lot recently, but to say the truth - didn't get anything lol

Yesterday was cool, and the day was like bad-better-good-woohoo so cool! And when I came home I droped dead on the bed xD

Still want to make a Partly Friends Only banner, sort out my bookmarks (which, to tell the truth, is still impossible), read\watch stuff and actually do something by myself. But hello? There's not enough time in the Universe...

Oh, and also yesterday I read very sweet story from BibBang 2008. Guh, I still haven't read all what I wanted from '07 >.<
Anyway, here's the Finding My Way Home Started With Finding You story by [ profile] ladyrhyanne
I really liked the banner, so I guess that's why I started read summary at the first place. It's nice and sweet J2 story, though I really don't believe in stories where they are married and even have kids :\
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...but first I'd like to say something. Not sure if anyone read this anyway *roll eyes*
let's say I had a "it was better" day, and now I think I'll make this journal a partly-friends only just right after I'll get how to do it xP, and atually start writing something about myself and not just about "my stuff". Maybe I need it right now, said Freud ;)
All my videos and art will stay unlocked, so if you're here just for it, don't worry.

Anyway, I'll make a post or something when I actually f-clock my journal.

For now, arty-time!

Full image under the cut )
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Yay! Time for BOTB round at Lady_m4ryjane Music Video Awards site!

I'm nominated at Best SFX (OMG! 4 videos! oO), Best Idea, Best Video (woah, 2 videos!), and Best Video RU.

The voting will continue till May 10th, so if you want, you can vote for me *puppy eyes of doom*


Apr. 2nd, 2009 12:40 am
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A cup of coffee and the day is over.
Defenetly not best day ever, but it was ok.
I believe I've lost my mind completely, 'cause I just finished today my Sam\Ruby epic romance video. :D I guess I really don't know what else to make. But it was cool, it was interesting and I.Liked.It. Not that I'm a Sam\Ruby fan *roll eyes*


Mar. 11th, 2009 10:05 am
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Well, erm...Anyone? =)

I`m nominated at Best Alternative category (wow, two vids oO), Best Angst (lol, again, two vids), Most Original, best POV (again, two vids), Best Storyteller (lol again two vids), and also one of my vids is listed in the Wild Card category.
It would be great if you can go there and vote for me :) Thank y`all!


Mar. 6th, 2009 08:18 am
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I feel like I don`t do anything, but memes lol
[ profile] dazzelbug started it, so, join!

What I Like About You

Meme time!

Mar. 3rd, 2009 01:17 pm
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*g* I signed up for the THE GREAT VIDDING TRUTH MEME. And this is the first time i`ve ever done this. So, you know, if you`ve seen my videos, maybe you can go there and drop me a message? *puppy eyes*

Ok, the rest, i found out i was tagged by [ profile] absrip lol Like, a month ago oO
Anyway, i don`t have pretty much to do right now, so here`s a Read more... )

And I have to tag 8 other persons. So i tag: [ profile] _hopefulness_, [ profile] antigonesgift, [ profile] dazzlebug, [ profile] gigglemonster, [ profile] ladymanson, [ profile] sanann, [ profile] sugarfree03, [ profile] winterevanesce.
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Huh....after a few hours of mind-fucking with html codes and stuff like that, i actually did something that i liked.

This is my new layout. And nothing even close to html for the next month. Or year. Yeah.
I also changed my profile info - i thought, it was kinda strange to call myself "a brand new vidder" after a year of vidding...:?

Anyway, thank to all of you guys, who helped me with the links and stuff ;)

And thanks to [ profile] _hopefulness_, babe, i know how disturbing i can be :D
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I know that many of you had some problems with my old layout, like, when you tried to comment or something, because of the colors. I personally kinda got tired of those cold colors, so I chosed this one, greeny one. I kinda like it, though I really wanna change something, so I have a few questions.
Help, anyone?..

Long, long questions. Boring. Blah-Blah... )
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Thanks to [ profile] winterevanesce i found a new place for my videos.
I really am sick of youtube, so yeah, i guess i`ll post my videos there as well as on the YT, Imeem.
Add me, if you have an account there.
clicky click
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It`s time to post something new.
This week almost killed me, it was very exhausting, and pretty hard. We have a lot of new subjects at the University, many of them are strange, and i still trying to figure out what we need them for. I can get the psychology, and history of arts, actually i like them, but anatomy? Concepts of modern natural sience? On the first lecture we wrote "concepts of modern natural sience" like 50 times...oO
Do ya fell ma pan ppl?.. :D

So, today i post a new video. Read the summary and notes. I really don`t know if it can be considered as spoilers...Just in case.
Oh, and YT, i guess, really hates me, they turned off the sound on this video, so there`s imeem link. Btw, on imeem you can find those of my videos that has been deleted from YouTube.

Upd.: Yay! Friend of mine advised me something, and they turned on the sound on YouTube! This is actually funny xD
Anyway, now there`s a YT link aswell ;)

Angels lie to keep control... )


Feb. 5th, 2009 04:28 pm
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So, i made a facebook account a few weeks ago. I didn`t have time to fill all the info about me, add photos, etc...So i`m gonna make it today.
My flist, do you have facebook? Feel free to add me :D
But, you know, drop me a cooment if you do, just in case ;)

Have a nice day! ^^
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Ok, new semester is just killing me. We have a lot of new subjects, and a lot of new teachers...and i think this is gonna be fun in the most scary way oO
So, this was really... )

In other news - i think i picked up the song for my another J2 video :D This song is really happy, and more like "Ow, wow...i think i fell in love with you..." xD though this song has been vidded, and it was like one of the first videos in this fandom with j2, i think i`m gonna vid it anyway. Cause hello? We have SO MANY new j2 clips, interviews, promos, etc...
I have a lot of work this month, also my study, and also i really wanna continue my translation of True Colors story. So i think i`ll post this J2 project later this month or in march.
OR....on 14th of february, lol, who knows? It just makes me feel sooooo good. =)
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Ok, it`s all DONE! FINISHED! I did it, made it, blah-blah-blah.
I passed my history exam and now i`m feeling so freaking relieved...Phew...
Anyway, i have a few problems with my teacher of physical education (yeah, we have such THING...), cause seriously, this woman is pretty kinda...STRANGE. She fucked up all my friday, and now i really wanna make somethng...bad with her. Nah, don`t think that i`m so pissed at everyone. Just at my physical education teacher. She`s freaking unbelievable...

Anyway, let`s celebrate, shall we? =)
Yeah, i made a J2 vid. I think every vidder in this fandom should make something like this...Because...Just cause.
It was SOOOOO fun! And yeah, i was smiling through the whole way of making this vid. I thought it`d take longer, but it took like two days, and i was like sqee`ing and smiling and luaghing, while i rewatched all this interviews, conventions...Yeah, now i know what to do if i feel a little sad :)

Suck it up people, J2 iz real :D )
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I had a french exam this morning and i have a "B" which is not so bad, sure, but anyway, i feel something different.
The thing was, we had a text that we had to read, translate and retell. Out teacher told us that there would be 25% of unfamiliar words, so we could bring our vocabularies with us. That was a good thing, sure, but there wasn`t 25% of unfamiliar words.
There were f*cking 50% of unfamiliar grammar, which was so uncool. I think i was just too freaking out about this whole thing, i was very nervous. I had a strange text about some garcon, that had a camarade, and then there was this cocher, that came to this garcon, and he was loocking for some Monsieur, and they went to look for him...Guh, that was aweful.
Anyway, we also had to retell one of the 5 threads we learned through the semester, and it was the easiets part of it. I studied and i knew all those threads by heart, so it was pretty easy. And translating of the sentences was also an easy thing, but that text...
My teacher told me that i had this sense of language which is totally cool, but i`m still unsatisfied and i still don`t know how to get rid of this feeling. That wasn`t a very good day. At all.

On friday i`m having a history exam, which is kinda huge, i have to learn the whole history of Russia which is like 1000+ years, so yeah, this is gonna be fun...:?

Oh, btw, new tag?:D


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