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I wrote this novel just for you
(Jared/Jensen, AU, NC-17, horror, ~19 000 words)

Funny, they could be a perfect couple if one of them wasn’t a psycho serial killer and the other his biggest fan.

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Ok, so here's the deal.
I'm making a promo trailer for the next year's BigBang challenge, and frankly? I'm at a loss.
I was thinking about it since summer, and though I did come up with the idea, I still can't choose the song for it, and it's kinda big, you know? So I really don't want to screw up. So I thought, that, maybe, if I do it for fandom, fandom should pick up what it wants? *winks*

Choose the song you would like to hear in the trailer. Below I made a list of the songs that're for me associated with the whole thing. There's a few songs that were already been vidded, even by myself, but it's like never-ending story, you know? Those ones can never get old.
And also I made an option for your own choice, because I still didn't make up my mind and I'm always open for suggestions.

PLEASE spread it to your LJs, comms, etc, because world needs to know about it and I need help *puppy eyes*

[Poll #1487672]

Bisou ♥
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I really should make something....More useful?.. GUH.
It's not a secret that I'm kinda obsessed with the process of shooting. Or, if it was a secret now you know this fact about me :P

Anyway, this is small picspam of our boyz making their job. This is what they do best ;)

Epic story of how these two dorks won our hearts. )

Hope you like it :)
Bisou ♥
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So, once more with feeling? :D
More of the epic awesomeness of these two dorks. Woot woot! \o/

That was the first time we actually met, and then we... )

Bisou ♥
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Hey people :)
So, this is my first SPN story in English, and I'm pretty nervous about it, but I really hope you'll like it.

Huge thanks to [ profile] sulfuricfusion for beta help ♥ Without her you would totally not understand what was when :P

And also those few people who read this and told me it's good anough to post. Thank you guys, you know who you are ♥ ♥ ♥

And special thanks goes to [ profile] sanann, you know for what doll ;)

300 Seconds On The 13th Floor
(Jared/Jensen, R, ~15 000 words, AU)

You live in the reality. What if there's another world?
When you meet someone different, whose world is more real than yours, which world would you choose?

On the thirteenth floor, between thin air and blue sky, almost next to the clouds, you can hear the silence. )
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I just try to make it through the hiatus. And I discovered that making picspams is actually an easy thing and it's very fun :) Especially cropping and coloring ♥
I'm so gonna spam your flists this summer...

+19 under the cut. Not dial-up friendly. )
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So, this IS actually a new video which I finished just yesterday. Since it's sunday and since I wanted to share some good emotions with you all, I decided to post it.
This is something new for me in all senses, I've never made a video for such song, I never made something like this story before. And be prepared to fast-paced editing, because there's a lot of cuts and clips, and overall this while thing turned out pretty fast *roll eyes*
But anyway, I hope you like it and smile? A little? :)

Point of no return one second to go... )
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I'm making my new Js_sort_of_AU_video, and I just couldn't not to post this one:

and I'm not gonna even try to put it under the cut, suck it up people :P

Ok, how cooler on Earth the man could possibly be?..

And I guess, if you take it, credit me or something? Cause this is some sort of an art work? :|
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Ok, it`s not for the Valentine`s Day, but anyway, it`s all about love =)
I couldn`t help myself, but make another J2 video, because these dorks just make all warm and fuzzy inside, and smile, too =)

Come on, Come on, move a little closer )
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Ok, it`s all DONE! FINISHED! I did it, made it, blah-blah-blah.
I passed my history exam and now i`m feeling so freaking relieved...Phew...
Anyway, i have a few problems with my teacher of physical education (yeah, we have such THING...), cause seriously, this woman is pretty kinda...STRANGE. She fucked up all my friday, and now i really wanna make somethng...bad with her. Nah, don`t think that i`m so pissed at everyone. Just at my physical education teacher. She`s freaking unbelievable...

Anyway, let`s celebrate, shall we? =)
Yeah, i made a J2 vid. I think every vidder in this fandom should make something like this...Because...Just cause.
It was SOOOOO fun! And yeah, i was smiling through the whole way of making this vid. I thought it`d take longer, but it took like two days, and i was like sqee`ing and smiling and luaghing, while i rewatched all this interviews, conventions...Yeah, now i know what to do if i feel a little sad :)

Suck it up people, J2 iz real :D )


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