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Before you go and watch this, I highly recommend you reconsider it. Because, seriously? I made this video mostly while I was working on a wedding video. And this wedding thing made me vidding Savage Garden. Savage freaking Garden people. Can you imagine it? :D
So I needed something absolutely different to happily ever after to distract myself. I worked on this video longer than I usually do. And this is what came out of it.

DearigDaio sent me this song and asked me to vid it, because she wanted a nice video for a nice song. She obviously lied to me when she said I could make it better than her lol But I’m glad she did, because I really liked this song. So, this is for her ♥

I'll be keeping you safe til you come out and play… )
Bisou ♥
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I don’t even know why I made this oO I just love this song. Aaaand I really wanted to play around with my new Vegas :P
I made a mix from Russian and English version of the song – because honestly? Russian lyrics are much more interesting than English one. And yeah, you probably won’t understand a word from Russian parts of the song, but anyway. I made a brief translation of those parts.
Enjoy :)

Bullet to the heart, brain locked on the door… )
Bisou ♥
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I wasn't sure, should I post this video or not in generally, and now I really don't know why I do it. It feels like it's the same that waits for us in 4x21 episode, but with Dean on the main role *thinks* Ok, I didn't say this, and it's not considered as spoilers or something.
This video is really different from what I've done before, so I think I should reccomend you think twice before you go and watch it, because I think even my The Victim video was kinda easier :|
Anyway, hope you like it :)

Waiting for the right time… )
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So, friend of mine asked me about this story the other day, and what? It turned out that this video became her BD present ^^
I`m very glad that Bonya liked it, because, seriously? I couldn`t even think about making something like that. Not to mention that i`m not big fan of Bella or something, and that i prefer something more canon-y.
Anyway, here`s her birthday present! Well, it`s pretty late because it was in august, i just hadn`t time to post it, and i had other videos to post, etc...

So, under the cut you will find:
1. Video. Well, the main present.
2. Wallpaper in three different sizes to this video.
3. A little set of avatars with Dean, Bella (mainly) and Sam.

If you take it, please, comment.

So, do you wanna unpack the present? )
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Vidder: Loki
Title: I`m Not The Man I Used To Be
Artist: Kristen Barry
Song: Ordinary Life
Warnings: spoilers for 2.22
Category: AU
Characters/Pairings: Dean, RED, Sam
Summary: After Sam`s death Dean decided to make a deal with RED. But he wanted not to bring back his brother, but become a demon. He didn`t want to live life he would, he was full of anger and evil. But sometimes he saw and heard his brother in his head. He started to think if his choice was right. Especially, if his brother was alive and…evil.
Length: 3:39
File Size: 81MB / 13,4MB
Links: YouTube / Download from DivShare 81MB / 13,4MB
Type of feedback preferred: Any and all. I tried to make an AU with evil!Dean, well, dunno if I could do it, you are my judges :)


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