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So, I figured I need to make this post just to finish this story. For good.
Long, long time ago, I guess it was more than a year now, I made a video, and that's how it all started.
Me and my babe [ profile] sacrament666 made this story come true, and I really wanna say thank you to her, because she was there all the way through, and though she's not a vidder, she gave some very good advices and also she did an amazing job as my beta.

First, it was planned like a 5 or even 6 videos verse, the story supposed to be quite epic and, you know, crazy in some way, but I figured, that I just can't do it, because i's been more than a 6 months since I made the last video, and I really think that that's how it should end.

It's a bit of AU story, though the main events are pretty canon - the deal, Dean coming back from hell and death of YED. Though at that time I didn't know how exactly Dean would be braught back from hell :|

Anyway, most of the links for watching\downloading the vids were dead for quite a long time, and I think most of you haven't even seen any of these vids, so I hope that for some of you it'll be something new :)

Break Your Chains 'verse. Vids, explanations, links... )
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So I guess I started with my vidding plans for this year. One of the items from that list was "make remastered versions of some vids". I have a few of my old videos that I`d really liked to remaster, though basically it`s because of the free-logo episodes. Anyway, this is the first this yeat remastered version.

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Ok, i hope you guys remember my I Did It For You video and Don`t leave me Alone? Cause here we have the continuation! Yay!
Yes, i started making this video in march, and actually, i finished all the basic editing back then. But, the whole thing is done just now, so - it`s better later then never 8)
Please, welcome =)

What Lies Behind Those Eyes... )
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Vidder: Loki
Title: Don`t Leave me Alone
Song: Falling Inside The Black
Artist: Skillet
Warnings: Used eps up to 312
Category: AU
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, YED
Summary: Dean. Is dead. And he is in hell. With YED. And he`s trying to find a way out. “You can back to life. But only LIKE a demon, or WITH the demon.”
Sam. Is alive. And he`s totally alone. He`s falling and he doesn`t know how to find a way out.
But Dean is the older brother. He`s the one who always was right beside Sam. And this time is not an exclusion.
Length: 3:32
File Size: 80,2MB
Links: Upd.:
YouTube deleted this video from my channel, so you can watch it only on Imeem.
Imeem | Download 80,2 MB
Type of feedback preferred: Any and all. I`d like to know what you think of it.
Vidder`s note: Based on the fan-fiction "Call me Dean" by Igrushka13. Big thanks to her. Because her story inspired me to make this video.
Well, it`s the continuation of my previous video I did it for you. I just didn`t want to end it like this. I mean, it`s Supernatural, nobody can die here, right? :) It is very fast, beat-use video, with a lot of flashes and textures. So be ready for the bang-bang video ;)
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Vidder: Loki
Title: I Did It For You
Song: Frozen
Artist: Within Temptation
Warnings: As usual, character death, also clips up to 311.
Category: AU
Characters/Pairings: Sam, Dean, RED, trickster.
Summary: Dean made the deal. Sam is alive, but whatever Dean does, he can`t stay with his brother. And noone can help him. He can`t stand all the questions, like “Did I die?”, and so on. He tried to push Sam away. And when finally Sam finds out the way to break the deal…will be there enough time?
Length: 4:24
File Size: 98,5MB
Links: Imeem / Download from 4Shared 98,5
Type of feedback preferred: For me it was very hard emotionally to make this video. And I know that there`re Within Tamptation fan out here. So i`m very interested in what you guys think of it. Any comments are welcomed :)
Vidder`s note: I made this video for my dear Silme, who showed me this song, who showed me the story that can be brought with it. So, without her there wouldn`t be anything. <3


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