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Or, I guess, this could be also called "2x01 icons" :D
Anyway, icons for every episode of our show. For today - season 2, episodes 1-13.

[61 season 2 icons]

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Art: Icons

Aug. 9th, 2009 02:36 am
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So I have this idea for awhile. To make a bunch of icons for every episode of our show. It means 82 eps. And I wanted to make at least 3 icons for each. It means 246 icons. And I ended up making more than 3 for a few eps. And it means more than 246 icons. So I decided to split it in 4 parts - 4 season, because otherwise it would be bigger than just HUGE post :?

So, [83 SPN season 1 icons] for now.

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Today is the day, people!

This year I was lucky enough to have [ profile] germanjj as my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang writer. She's really awesome and talented, and I just fell in love with her story, which you all must go and read here.

First I thought I'd make one video, because I knew from the very beginning how exactly I want to do it, but, I ended up making the whole bunch of art.

I tried a lot of new things for me, making art for this story, and I really wanna thank [ profile] germanjj for giving me this opportunity ♥ It was so nice to work with you, talk, discuss your story and all ;)

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So I was kinda inspired with this line.

75 b&w icons with different lightening.

[001-012] random icons from different episodes
[013-039] 1x09 "Home"
[039-075] random icons from different episodes


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Jun. 16th, 2009 05:37 pm
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So, I guess I finally beat up Photoshop.
Once again, thanks so much, [ profile] heartdrawndream

So, here's a few icons. Remember I told you, I will scare you with my icon-making skillz? Well, here we go :D

[9] Animated icons
[12] J2 icons

1 2 3

Yes, maybe I AM a little obsessed with hands...

The rest is here... )

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