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So, I really need a break from studying \o/

4 MBV gag reel Jensen sidebars animations.

Under the cut, not dial-up friendly )

*credit for the videos goes to [ profile] junebugsgirl_88

I'm kinda new to this, and I'm not sure what usual size for sidebars, 'cause I've never used them myself. If you want different size or different clip, let me know, I think I can make something for you this weekend ;)

Comments are ♥
Oh, and credit if you take, thank you :)
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Well, I guess I need it even more after the new SPN episode, and maybe some of you need it too. Besides, some old stuff is always good, roght? Riiiight?

So, we all remember how easy and nice and "oh that look" it was in the season 1? Season 2? Maybe somewhere in season 3, too? Anyway, speaking about season one - now it seems like an absolutely different show, with pretty different emotions and feelings, and I kinda miss it now.
That's why I make this kinda video-pic-spam? Or I don't know how to call it (a vid, maybe? lol)
It's pretty much doesn't have any plot or story, it's just our boys during the first seasons, and I really have been having fun making it, I look through most part of season 1, and soon I'll start cutting off clips from season two...

Anyway, enough blah-blah, do you have your favorite boys' moments? I don't mean slash, but you can think so in some way. Looks, scenes, hugs and touches, laughs and smiles - whatever you liked during all seasons (preferably 1,2 and, ok, 3 season).

*not dial-up friendly cuts
Like this )
this one ) maybe? :)

Caps, exact timing or something like this would be greatly appreciated ;)

Let's pretend this is some kind of a game, and all your answers will be highly appreciated, and, maybe tell your friends to tell their friends? *puppy eyes*

Thank you guys in advance!
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Ok, soooo.....This ep was pretty cool.
I don't wanna talk and talk and talk about it, cause right now I just don't have any powers left after the whole day of shooting wedding *_* Besides, everything has already been said.

Anyway, I promised my babe [ profile] sanann to show her that look from 4.19 episode, and while I was copying photos from flash cards, I decided to make an animation with it.
Sorry for not so good wuality and big zoom, there was this "awesome" green CW add on the bottom *curses* and there still wasn't unwatermarked episode *waits*
Cut for spoilers, I guess? :)

The Look of Sam... )

And yay, 100th post! How cool is that, that 100th post is so cute? :P


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