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Come and talk about vidding! I finally posted my Workshop over [ profile] spnroundtable and I can't wait to talk about it :D
In the meantime...

I divided all the videos into categories, so it's easier for you to find the one you like the most. Hope you'll enjoy :) Have a good weekend!

The Storm by [ profile] wolfpup2000 (SPN)
Strength can often be found in a friend's eyes
A very emotional video with a lot of angst. Vidder’s clip choices leave you with your heart aching and the song itself can make you almost cry.

As Long As I’m Around by i_did_i (SPN)
Every step Sam makes, Dean isn't too far behind him... Always there for Sam, Dean keeps a look on him, being careful not to let anything happen to his little brother... But is it enough?
It was the first video in SPN fandom I saw for this song. And after so many awesome videos this one is still my favorite, because of the memories and of the warmness.

The Angel Watching Over You by i_did_d (SPN)
A video about how Dean is gonna protect Sam until the end ...
But now, is it Sam who has to be protected ?

Amazing song. Amazing story and clip choice. Amazing lyrical interpretation.

Permanent by JessicaRae (SPN)
The love of family transcends all things, even death.
It feels like the song was written for the show. Dean’s year is up. He’s gone. Sam’s alone.
To hell and back all over again with beautiful song and happy (as happy as you can get in this show) ending.

The 6 Between Us by [ profile] winterevanesce (SPN)
The Yellow Eyed Demon's plans for Sam finally takes its toll. (Angst, Relationship Study, Slightly AU)
This is author’s favorite video from her own, and I guess I know why. She made the vide perfectly, feeling the song and the subject she wanted to show the viewers. The dynamic between characters is amazing.

From The Ashes by [ profile] my_sn_therapy aka coastal5 (SPN)
How would you cope if you lost your family all over again?
In an accident induced coma, Dean imagines a life where Mary, John & Sam never died in the 1983 fire. When he wakes and re-learns the truth, Dean struggles to find what, if anything, can be salvaged...from the ashes.

An amazingly well put together AU video, which leaves you breathless. It’s sad as hell, angsty, and so believable you have shudders.

Initium Finis by [Bad username or site: ”still404ing” @] (SPN)
He will never be able to kill this Sam, but he can kill the old one... He can stop it before it ever begins.
The reality of this video is just scary.

All Hope Abandoned by [ profile] still404ing (SPN)
"Here all suspicion needs must be abandoned, all cowardice must needs be here extinct. We to the place have come, where I have told thee, thou shalt behold the people dolorous, who have foregone the good of intellect." Dante's Inferno, Canto III.
Scary as...Hell. Yeah.

Ritual Habitual by [ profile] dazzlebug aka AlcoholicPixie (SPN)
After servings ten years' jail time for the murder of Jessica Moore, Sam Winchester is released back into society... but will his sick habits prove to be unbreakable?
This video was probably was o the first AU videos that I loved. It’s real, it’s dark, it’s creepy, and there’s a lot of Sam killing people. Must see kind of video.

Miles From Where You Are by [ profile] gigglemonster (Lost)
i pray that something picks me up and sets me down in your warm arms - Jack spins further and further into a downward spiral of desperation and despair, praying only to be back with Sawyer & Claire
Ok, I’m not a Lost fan in anyway, but I can rewatch this video over and over again. AnD then again. And once again. Sounds interesting? Go and watch!

Just Like You by [ profile] gigglemonster (SPN)
A hunt leads Sam & Dean to a small town where Sam sees Jess - alive. He thinks it's a miracle until he realizes she has no recollection of him whatsoever, but he refuses to lose her again.
I love Sam/Jess. And this is an amazing AU video, "what if" kind of video that’ll leave you speechless because of its reality.

Keep This A Secret by [ profile] gigglemonster (SPN)
Dean wakes up in the Djinn dream, and he falls in love with Carmen. When he has to leave he's convinced he'll never see her again - but he might be wrong.
The use of motion blur in this one is phenomenal. The video is heartbreaking and sad and beautiful and...yeah. Go.And.Watch.

By My Side by [ profile] gigglemonster (SPN)
Dean and Jo have a very on-off relationship, but on the night they finally end it they get in a car accident and Jo dies. Dean can't help feeling responsible and doesn't know how to cope with the pain.
That will break you apart in many ways.

Tomorrow by Gentlesideoffury
This is a sort of what if video as in what if Mary never walked in on baby Sam being blooded by Azazel?
Story: Sam has blocked out what happened on the night of Dean's death. As he runs from the police in search for the truth, he seems to be haunted by Dean's memory and begins to learn through visions what really happened and what he was destined to turn into.

Did I say she is amazing vidder? It’s my favorite vid from Barbara, and I’m sure you all will love it to pieces once you watch it. The story telling is crystal clear, and I ache for Sam. Amazingly put together, with a mix of angst, bro!love, and “what if” factor, that makes this video even more interesting.

Impulse by [ profile] antigonesgift (SPN)
Dean’s been living a secret life their whole lives but when Sam starts to figure that out, he gets more than he bargained for.
I still got shivers on my back each time I watch this.

Never Say Goodbye by [ profile] lsketch42 (SPN)
AU coda to 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester.'
Sam's lied to Dean for the last time. He's had enough, but the hardest thing to say is goodbye.

Angsty. Like, really. But the ending will leave you melting. So worth watching.

The Alphabet Killer by xWPrisonLoveMx (Eliza Dushku – The Alphabet Killer)
The Alphabet Killer is a fantastic movie in my opinion that everybody should see...
This.Is.Fucking.Horrifying O.O

Running Up That Hill by dazzleme7
Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle are hunters. One day when they're out on a hunt, Jo gets shot and ends up in a coma. Dean is devistated and regrets that he never told her that he loves her. She dies and Dean, heartbroken, lacks out on everyone around him until he's all alone. Desperate to get her back, he summons a demon. The demon says it's gonna be hard to bring her back from heaven so in exchange, she wants his soul in 24 hours. Dean agrees to those terms and spends one last day with Jo...
I will never get tired of vids for this song, and this one is amazing AU video, real and angsty and emotional.

Character Study
Shades of Grey (Bela) by [ profile] my_sn_therapy aka coastal5 (SPN)
An exploration of Bela's shades of grey.
I love Bela. And if you don’t, you will, too, after watching this video.

Falling Down (Sam) by [ profile] wolfpup2000 (SPN)
It's easy to lose faith in yourself when you feel all alone.
It’s Sam, what more can I say? The song fits perfectly, and the vidder’s clip choices show the path Sam made perfectly and amazingly clear.

Watch The Sky (Sam) by [ profile] astartexx (SPN)
‘And I will crawl, there's things that aren't worth giving up, I know, but I won’t let this get me - I will fight.’ Sam is slowly coming to terms with his life on the road again and what sent him there in the first place.
Seems there’s gonna be a lot of Sam centric vid recs, but hey! The boy deserves some attention.
The original video was made before 1x16 was aired, meaning – it’s very old. Like, "good old days" kind of old. I miss those times, so I’m sure you’ll love this video if you miss some season 1 Sam.

Wood and Nails (Dean) by [ profile] astartexx (SPN)
‘Jesus Christ, I’m not scared to die, but I’m a little bit scared of what comes after.’ Dean made a deal with the wrong side, but it’s not like the other did him any good.
It’s probably my favorite video of ALL. And this means a lot. And I think I don’t need to say anything else.
I recommend you read vidder’s notes on this vid to fully understand and appreciate the all level beauty of this vid.

Deus Ibi Est (John) by [ profile] charmax (SPN)
John Winchester single minded soldier.
John Winchester is a hero. He’s a complicated man, and after everything he’d lost he still kept moving on. An amazing character study vid of John which you all really need to check out.

Something Beautiful (Veronica) by [ profile] gigglemonster (Veronica Mars)
you stick your soul out, risk it all. your fearless beauty breaks your fall - veronica character study (s1 with a little s2 sprinkled in towards the end)
Amazing use of effects, colors and the song. Nice and warm video that’ll hook you up on this show.

Breathe Me (Tyra) by [ profile] gigglemonster (Friday Night Lights)
Tyra Collette character study.
Amazing song, amazing editing. That’s all.

The End Of A Heartache by Gentlesideoffury (SPN)
Bit of an analysis of the boys and the different sides they took and the troubles they went through along the way.
Barbara has her own recognizable style of vidding, and she did an amazing job on this vid. Emotions, action, angst, great editing and lyrical interpretation, parallels between Dean and Sam’s life and destiny – everything is amazingly well put together.

Someone Like You by [ profile] hay1ock (SPN)
Mary always said angels were watching over them. Dean finally found out that was true.
I just love this vid, because the author beautifully showed Dean’s attitude to the fact that there really are angels.

Monster (Sam) by JessicaRae (SPN)
A character study of Sam Winchester from Season One through Season Four's episode three. This is how I think Sam views himself in regards to his demon blood, and also how he thinks Dean sees him.
Oh, Sam. It seems like there not enough videos about the boy. This one is another amazing character study vid, showing particular side of Sam life and struggling.

My Boy Builds Coffin (Dean) by [ profile] mithborien (SPN)
My boy builds coffins for better or worse. Some say it's a blessing, some say it's a curse. [Dean]
The interpretation of the song, clip choices and scene left me speechless. Oh, Dean.

The Fall Of Man (Castiel) by [ profile] obsessive24 (SPN)
Castiel character, Castiel/Dean. What you don't know won't kill you.
Just. Wow. The use of outside footage, the deep thought behind this vid, the song, the editing will leave you speechless with your jaw somewhere under your table.

Suicide Note (Dean) by sweetjen (SPN)
This is the dark and gritty tale of Dean Winchester through the eyes of Sam. Spoilers up through 3x16.
I just love the way the vidder plays with lyrics and clips. It’s like being in Dean’s head though watching everything through Sam’s eyes. Incredible.

Channel Hopping by [ profile] ash48 (SPN)
The girl totally knows how to do it. The video was made in May’08, and 1,5 years later this actually happened in the show. Huh? That will crack you smiling and laughing. Plus, it’s really original and you’ll recognize a lot of the old and not so old shows.

Holding Out For A Hero by [ profile] deirdre_c (SPN)
"Hero" is in the eye of the beholder.
So, ok. I gave up on making comedy vids long long ago, because for me it’s amazingly hard. But she? The vidder can make you smile with the first few seconds. Somehow in the pile of cracky-awesome-funny moments she even made the concept in this video, the story and the plot, and I you thought that SPN is only agst, death and resurrection – you were totally wrong. And she can prove it! I think I can absolutely say that [Bad username or site: ”deirdre_c” @] is The Queen of SPN comedy vids.

Be My Yoko Ono [ profile] deirdre_c (SPN)
Sam doesn’t mind being a typical sidekick, but Dean wants... something more.

My Holiday Gift to Fandom, or The Worst SPN Vid Ever Made
You really, really don't want to click that link

Like A Boss by [ profile] winterevanesce
A day in the life of Dean Smith Samberg, the boss. A dean!crack vid.
I’m sure y’all have seen this vid already. But I swear, people, if you haven’t?..

Fun With The Real Audio Part Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre, The Girlie Edition by [ profile] maichan808
The title says it all. I think every person in this fandom must watch these.

Channel Surfing by [ profile] ash48 and [ profile] maichan (SPN)
The boys watch more TV.
Seriously. These two ladies decided to rule the world. And they easily did it, because this? This is art. You know, in cracktastic kind of way. But what they do with The Show and with a few others?..

Long Way by [ profile] almostgaby (SPN/OTH)
I can say that Gavy is the queen of SPN crossovers. What she does with these two shows always leaves me breathless, because she makes it all so REAL you start to believe it yourself. In my opinion, this one is her best crossover AU vid ♥

Meet Me Halfway by [ profile] almostgaby (SPN/OTH)
I never thought that Black Eyed Peas would work for a vid like this, but somehow that one left me smiling :)

Now I Lay Thee Down by gentelsideoffury (SPN/Angel)
The story is that Layla (from the season 1 episode of SN, "Faith") is dying from her cancer, but she is too afraid to die so she wants to become a vampire. She calls Dean and basically tells him this, he tries to save her, but, when that doesn't work, finds himself fighting an inner battle. Will he have the strength to do his hunter duty? Or will his love for Layla make him turn the other way?
Dark and real and believable and gorgeous. If you have or haven’t seen any of these two shows, you still to need to check this vid out.

Haunted by JessicaRae (SPN, 2x21-2x22 episode)
AHBL video. Dean POV---This vid follows Dean through the events of 'All Hell Breaks Loose', with glimpses of what is going on with Sam. Focus is on Dean's search for Sam, losing him, and the deal.
Season 2 finale never gets old. Or less emotional. Add to that amazing song and editing and you get one of the best episodic videos about the finale of the season.

Stand In The Rain by JessicaRae (SPN, 2x17 episodic)
An episode vid for 'Heart'- about the struggle to find hope amongst tragedy.
This is one of my favorite episodic videos of all time. The song fits so perfect you can’t even start to tell, and Jessica chose the most important moments from the episode, making this vid full and no less emotional.

General / Themed montage
His Wings by [ profile] ash48 (SPN)
Dean is Sam's angel.
This is probably it. I mean, what else do you need? The song is perfect for the boys.

Take Me To The Hospital by by [ profile] ash48 (SPN)
Hurt!Winchesters. That’s it really. I have a thing for the boys in pain, covered in blood, strangled, tortured, thrown against walls, sliced, beaten up etc.
Don’t we all?..

Fly Away by [ profile] brighette (SPN)
Dean tries to handle the deal he's made, all the way to the end.
Simple and flowing editing and amazing clip choices. A very nice look on Dean’s deal.

Protège-Moi by [ profile] charmax (SPN)
What's black and white and red all over?
This is my favorite video in “Sin City” style, b&w with red color. Very beautiful video, plus, the French of this song is always gets to me.

Easier To Run by [ profile] gigglemonster (SPN)
Sam and Dean always seem to run from their problems instead of standing up to face them.
This is a remake of the vidder’s first ever SPN video. And I have to tell you, it worth watching in. Like, totally.

What About Everything? by [ profile] emily_reich (SPN)
Whump, crack, and Winchesters: a nostalgic look back on four and a half years of friends, family, hunting, and the apocalypse... because even a show about the end of the world can be optimistic.
Basically, this is it. If you like love The Show, you totally don’t want to miss it.

Epic Love Story by [ profile] proofpudding
This world is a better place with you.
As Sera Gamble once said, this show is about this epic love story between Sam and Dean. I think this video beautifully captures it ♥

It Has No Heart by [ profile] proofpudding
You know, war, it has no heart.
I just love this video, each and every clip of it, they song is amazing and fits the show and the boys perfectly ♥

Blind by [ profile] exsequar
"If I could tear you from the ceiling, I'd freeze us both in time..."
I miss old videos. I miss old seasons. This is a nice turn back in time, plus gorgeous editing and boys.

Born To Kill by ringwench
The Winchesters, the Yellow-Eyed Demon, and the family business. Also, lots and lots of gun porn. Season one overview
Another vid from old times. I mean, what else do you need?..

For Blue Skies by alifeuncommon16
I was really trying to capture the brother's states during season 4, and I also was kind of hinting at what I believe season 5 will be about, them having to learn how to forgive each other.
I can’t even start to tell how beautiful this vid is.

The prophecy by SmokeyFizz (Harry Potter)
Overview. This focuses on many events in Harry Potter. Mainly focused on Voldemort and Harry.
Ok. I’m not into HP much but I’m an effect whore. And maybe I do watch HP. Just a little.

Losng Your Memory by alifeuncommon16 (The Notebook)
Not much to say about this video, it just follows the story of Allie and Noah.
Amazing song that fits perfectly the story in the movie. Amazing editing.

Illusions by VMichel530
"You were born to this boys. Its your destiny."
"Because it’s not random, it’s not chance. It is a plan that is playing itself out perfectly."
"Free will is an illusion Dean. That is why you’re going to say yes."

Amazing video about s5 storyline.

Promo / Title sequence
Fight The Good Fight by dragonfly (SPN)
It's not what they fight...
Maybe I love this video because I haven’t seen any other videos for Armageddon theme song. Or maybe I like this video just because it’s really fucking awesome.
*unfortunately all links were dead, and I uploaded the vid on sendspace, because I really wanted to show it to you guys.

Fic trailers
My Own Destroyer by [ profile] mithborien (SPN)
One minute is enough.
Made for spn_j2_bigbang 2009 challenge, this trailer is very dark and it sets the mood right away. After it you will want to read the story for sure.

After The Tone by [ profile] tinkabell007
Friendship. Love. A new beginning?
Made for spn_j2_bigbang 2008 challenge, this trailer has amazing mood and emotion and you would totally want to read the fic after you watched it.

Don’t Turn Your Back On It by Gentlesideoffury
It's montage time! You know, I've been wondering, would Dean's fate have been any different if he had just looked for solutions sooner? If he had listened to Sam a little more and looked a little harder?
AMAZING editing. Fast paced, in tone with the song, and the vidder managed to caught all the important moments of season 3.

In The End by Ish (SPN)
This is Season 3, Dean's last year, through Sam's eyes. No matter how hard Sam tries to save Dean from the demons and from himself, in the end, it didn't matter.
Dynamic. Full. Emotional. The whole season 3. Plus, Linkin Park. What else do you need?

Chop Suey by [ profile] kaiyote
A very moving recap of 5x04 The End episode. Plus, it’s System Of A Down \o/

Snow On The Sahara by [ profile] absrip (SPN)
So this is a vid about the aftermath of evil!Sam, told from Dean's POV. Sam is suicidal, full of dark memories and guilt, Dean is the one person he has left.
This girl totally knows how to do her job. It’s angsty, it’s sad, it’s believable, it’s wincest. I still have shudder running through my spine when I hear this song, because the video and the images pop up in my head immediately. Plus amazing using of outside footage.

Carnival of Rust by [ profile] absrip (SPN)
Sams POV. Caught amidst the chaos of heaven and hell, Sam desperately tries to find his way, but mistrust and confusion continues to push the brothers further apart. Warning for wincest.
At the time this vid has been recced all over my flist. And it’s not like I don’t wanna rec it – the vid is gorgeous, the editing is fabulous and how the vidder played with the song will leave your jaw dropped.

Scars Of All I’ll Ever Know by [ profile] gigglemonster (SPN)
(Au - Stanford Era Wincest) Sam ran away to find a normal life. Even though it's not Dean he's running from, he can never go back.
If you like wincest, you just have to watch this one.

Twenty Years by [ profile] liv_niggle (SPN)
Twenty years in the life of Sam Winchester - his dreams and reality, his disappointments and his love.
The outside footage make this story unbelievably beautiful. Add Placebo to this, plus boys and very hot NC scenes?.. Should I even add something else?..

Someone You Might have Been by [ profile] liv_niggle (J2 AU)
The video is based on the awesome Spy-verse by [ profile] fleshflutter
Well, if you read the story and liked it you just HAVE to go and watch the vid. Because, basically, it’s THIS story, only it’s video. You totally forget about the fact that this is all fictional...

Say Or Do by [ profile] antigonesgift (SPN)
(Wincest, Unrequited) The clock ticking and it doesn't seem to matter anymore how far his feelings go for his brother. But Dean has and never will share the same feelings for Sam.

Climbing Up The Walls by [ profile] obsessive24 (Multifandom)
Siblings. "I am the pick in the ice."
If you’re into slash and incest, don’t think twice – go and watch.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses by [ profile] proofpudding
Just breathe.
Watch it. And listen. Don’t forget to listen.
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